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Dave has been the director of the UAA Faculty Technology Center since 2012. As Director he dreams up new ways to design and deliver learning using a variety of new and innovative technologies. A lifelong conservationist, Dave previously worked for The Nature Conservancy where he designed, implemented and managed the Conservancy’s learning portals and online courses. In 2013 Dave completed his Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology from Virginia Tech, with a research focus on how online virtual technologies can enhance education. Dave is also married, has three brilliant children and a houseful of pets he wished lived elsewhere.He dreams of playing the banjo one day. 

Book Chapters

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  • Articles

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  • Invited Presentations

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  • Presentations and Workshops

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    Eric-E-Baldwin-(Academic-Innovations-&-eLearning)Media Technician
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    Eric Baldwin joined UAA’s Faculty Technology Center in Fall 2011 as the resident media technician. Predominately, that means he records, edits and prepares video materials for faculty use both on and offline. Realistically, it means he tries to assist anyone who walks in the door …especially if they have questions involving audio or video capturing or presentation. He brings 30 years of experience in commercial and corporate video production and audio engineering. And he often makes the coffee. Lots of coffee. EXPERTISE: Field video production; Live sound reinforcement; Studio sound recording; Various audio and video post-production mixing and editing tools; Analog/Digital conversion; DVD authoring; Media encoding; Web streaming. His interests are: Media, music, writing, sports, animals, family, food.   

    Eric is currently pursuing a degree in Journalism/Public Communication at UAA. As a member of the National Court Reporters Association, he was Alaska's only Certified Legal Video Specialist for a number of years and has been a featured speaker at Alaska Bar and Alaska Shorthand Reporters Association events. He has traveled extensively throughout Alaska for nearly 40 years recording thousands of interviews, depositions and demonstratives and provided both lay and expert testimony to the Alaska Court System. His mother is fond of saying, "My son's been in every jail in the state", though that isn't altogether true. What is true, is that Baldwin frequently boasts of being one of the 10 best one-handed drummers in Spenard!


    Jason-W-Barnes-(Academic-Innovations-&-eLearning)Test Proctoring Technician
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    Keith-H-Berggren-(Academic-Innovations-&-eLearning)Distance Education Student Coordinator
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    As a life-long Alaskan, Keith was born and raised in Juneau, AK and now currently resides in Anchorage, AK with his wife and two sons.  Before settling down in Anchorage, Keith spent some time in Corvallis, OR and Corpus Christi, TX where he successfully completed his associate degrees in IDS: Early Childhood Education and Business Administration.  In 2007 He began his career with UAA as a temp for the Distance Education Services program.  Since then he has completed his Bachelors of Arts in Economics at UAA while continuing to work full time for Academic Innovations & eLearning as the Coordinator of Distance Student Services.  He is now working on his Masters of Education in Teaching & Learning with UAA’s College of Education.  He is excited to have the opportunity to help guide the Student Services side of eLearning with UAA and can’t wait to see what the near future holds for the program.


    Louise-K-Butler-Academic-Innovations-&-eLearningAssistant to the Director/Office Manager
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    Nicola-Byrne-(Academic-Innovations-&-eLearning)Workshop Coordinator
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    Heather CaldwellePortfolio Strategist
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    Heather is a Jane of All Trades, Master of Some. She views her eclectic interests as her superpower bringing her to far away places and placing her in random situations. After years of traveling, training dragons, and chasing lemurs, she decided to settle down and obtain her master’s degree in English Composition, Rhetoric, and Literature. Until recently, she was a faculty member in UAA’s Department of English teaching first and second year composition, faculty coordinator for the department’s Digital Composition Studio, and overall departmental tech wizard (maybe that last one is a slight exaggeration). In 2015, she decided to flex her superpowers again and joined forces with Academic Innovations & eLearning, becoming their ePortfolio Strategist. She now works with faculty and students across the MAUs getting to talk about technology, pedagogy, and learning.

    Research Interests

    Digital literacies; ePortfolio pedagogy, multimodal composition; instructional design; spacial rhetoric in academic settings; teaching and learning spaces, student showcase spaces; reflective practices; instructor presence in online spaces; digital storytelling; identity politics; gendered communication; thirdspace & phenomenology; queer studies; gender studies 




    Brittani-P-Chu-(Academic-Innovations-&-eLearning)Distance Education Student Technician
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    Brittani moved to Alaska in 2005 and completed her Bachelor's of Arts in Math through UAA in 2011. She first started working with Distance Education in 2009 as a student worker and has since accepted a full time staff position with the university. Over the last few years, she has seen the growth and potential in the distance education field and is excited to see that growth continue in the UAA system.


    John-T-Cripps-(Academic-Innovations-&-eLearning)Marketing & Creative Design Coordinator
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    John was born in Joliet, Illinois and spent most of his childhood in Biloxi, Mississippi. Over the years, he has traveled and lived all across the United States and spent time in numerous exotic locales across the world, including Iran, Indonesia, California, Colorado, Texas, Washington, Florida, Singapore, China, Japan, Philippines, England, Denmark, Greece and Alaska.

    Right after the tragedy caused by 911, John joined the United States Air Force and served 8 years as an Emergency Medical Technician. John also spent three years as a radio personality on 94.7 The End, KZND and Lite Rock 105.7 KNLT. During that time, he created and hosted a specialty program called the “Endie Rock Show,” which showcased both signed and independent artists from around the world. Within the first year, the show received great reviews and was voted among the top three radio shows/personalities, in the Anchorage Press.

    These days, John calls Alaska home. John has 8 years experience in the field of graphic design, print/digital communications and marketing. In December 2014, he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Art. His degree places emphasis on graphic design and focused on creative problem solving in a liberal arts context. John is currently the Marketing & Creative Design Coordinator for Academic Innovations & eLearning at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He also freelances under the pseudonym Paperboy Graphics. He continually aspires to generate something prolific and piercingly inventive with each project. His work has been featured on album covers, magazines, brochures, newspapers, websites, merchandise, and concert posters.

    When John is not absorbed in art, he enjoys planning events with his marketing/promotions team, Animal Sounds Productions, and creating music with his band The Modern Savage. The Modern Savage has shared the stage with many great acts, including Dangerbird artist Silversun Pickups, Republic Records artist Owl City, and Columbia artist Foster the People. Their full length album "Subtle Advances" was released on October 11th, 2014.

    (2014).  Bachelors Degree in Art 

    (2009).  Department of Defense Testing Manager 

    (2008).  Fitness Program Manager 

    (2007).  Pediatric Advance Life Support 

    (2006).  Airmen Leadership School 

    (2006).  Alaska State Emergency Medical Technician III 

    (2004).  Basic Life Support Instructor 

    (2002).  Emergency Medical Technician 

    (2001).  Firearms Marksman


    Phone: (907) 786-4496
    E-mail: jerubin@uaa.alaska.edu



    Lara, a life-long Alaskan, grew up in Kasilof, Alaska on her families homestead, and now lives in beautiful Eagle River, Alaska with her husband, two daughters and three giant rescued rottweiler pups. She began her UAA career in the early 90?s as a student in JPC, and after a few kids and direction changes has completed a B.A. in History, a Graduate Certificate in eLearning and an Interdisciplinary Master of Science in Instructional Design & Technology all from UAA. As a staff member, Lara has held several key positions and has finally landed at UAA Academic Innovations & eLearning. As an Instructional Designer, Lara has become the face of UAA Blackboard for faculty, as well as, all web 2.0 apps you might need help with. As an accidental "millennial" she knows the importance of digital literacy and embeds "21st Century Skills" into all of her training, workshops and teaching. For fun she runs, thinks about running and tries to run more, even though its always uphill when you run in Alaska.


    Heather-M-Nash-(Academic-Innovations-&-eLearning)Assistant Director, Instructional Designer
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    Heather Nash is Assistant Director of Instructional Design Services for UAA's Academic Innovations and eLearning group. She oversees service and process related to instructional design, from Quality Matters to one-on-one work with faculty developing and revising courses. Her primary goal in this role is to build and maintain a suite of structures and services that will contribute robust, exciting eLearning capacity for UAA. She has worked at UAA for nine years, first as regular faculty in Adult Education and later as Activity Director & eLearning Developer for a successful, $2M Title III Distance Education Access & Success grant for Kenai Peninsula College. Heather Nash is Assistant Director of Instructional Design Services for UAA’s Academic Innovations and eLearning group. She oversees service and process related to instructional design, from Quality Matters to one-on-one work with faculty developing and revising courses. Her primary goal in this role is to build and maintain a suite of structures and services that will contribute robust, exciting eLearning capacity for UAA. She has worked at UAA for nine years, first as regular faculty in Adult Education and later as Activity Director & eLearning Developer for a successful, $2M Title III Distance Education Access & Success grant for Kenai Peninsula College.


    Test Proctoring Technician
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    Amy Ross (Academic Innovations & eLearning) 2 InchAcademic Technologist
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    Linnea Ward (Academic Innovations & eLearning)Instructional Designer
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    Paul-D-Wasko-(Academic-Innovations-&-eLearning)ePortfolio Initiative Coordinator
    Phone: (907) 786-6035
    Mobile: (612) 819-7667
    E-mail: pwasko@uaa.alaska.edu
    Portfolio: www.paulwasko.efoliomn.com



    Paul joins the unit having previously served as the Director of eStudent Services for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU).  The focus of the position was to invent and deploy “e” tools to better serve students, staff, and faculty.  While at MnSCU, Paul was responsible for the design, deployment, and operation of the largest e-portfolio effort of its kind in North America - eFolioMinnesotaTM .  Prior to joining MnSCU, Paul served as Director for Education Technology Initiatives for the Minnesota Office of Technology where he managed education technology initiatives for Minnesota. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Paul a number of positions within Minnesota’s labor exchange department including the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Workforce Preparation Branch.

    • 2012 eFolioMinnesota Ten Year Anniversary Award (presented by the eFolioMinnesota community and the University of Minnesota);
    • 2011 WCET WOW Award (in partnership with Century College) for GPS LifePlan;
    • 2007 WCET WOW Award (in partnership with the Minnesota Online Call Center) for development of a statewide call center model;
    • 2007 Peace Corps recognition for the Peace Corps eFolio pilot project;
    • 2006 Campus Technology Innovator (presented by Campus Technology magazine);
    • 2004 WCET WOW Award for the developing of a e-student services audit model;
    • 1998 Cisco Systems for the Cisco Networking Academy Program;
    • 1998 Governor Commendation (Minnesota) for the development of the Minnesota eSchools program;
    • 1997 NetDay Minnesota for leadership of statewide efforts in support of NetDay;
    • 1989 Governor Commendation (Minnesota) for 1989 legislative efforts.


    • Numerous national and state presentations including keynotes at:   the 2005 Pan-American ePortfolio Working Forum in Vancouver, B.C. and the 2008 European Union Conference on E-Portfolios in Maastricht, NL.
    • Statewide and national satellite broadcasts focused on e-portfolio services and approaches.
    • Interviews with Minnesota and national newspapers and magazines.


    •  Wasko, Paul. "Implementing a Statewide Electronic Portfolio Infrastructure." Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, Second Edition. IGI Global, 2009. 
    • Olsen, Lynnette; Schroeder, Lori; Wasko, Paul. “Moving eFolioMinnesota to the Next Generation: From Individual Portfolios to an Integrated Institutional Model” Cambridge, Darren Robert, Barbara Larson Cambridge, and Kathleen Yancey, eds. Electronic portfolios 2.0: Emergent research on implementation and impact. Stylus Publishing, LLC., 2009.

    Melissa-B-White-(Academic-Innovations-&-eLearning)Instructional Designer
    (907) 786-4597
    Blog: The Natural Designer



    Melissa joined Academic Innovations & eLearning in May 2013. She enjoys the process of discovery to arrive at creative solutions with individual professors and at the department level. In addition, Melissa is one of two Quality Matters Coordinators for UAA. Melissa brings ten years of experience from the education and the non-profit sectors to her position. Previous employers include the American Board of Surgery, Volunteers of America and the Anchorage School District. Areas of interest include cultural considerations and digital storytelling. In her free time she loves exploring Alaska with her dog Moki.   

    Degrees & Certificates:

    • (2009). M.S. Instructional Systems & Technology.  Cabrini College.  Radnor, PA.
    • (2004). B.A. Liberal Arts. Cabrini College.  Radnor, PA.
    • (2014). Quality Matters Course Review Manager Certification.
    • (2014). Quality Matters Continuing and Professional Development (CPE) Peer Reviewer Certification.
    • (2013). Measring and Evaluating Learning Certificate.  American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).
    • (2013). Training Needs Assessment.  Anchorage Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM).
    • (2012). Professionalism and  T3 Train the Trainer.  Alaska Distance Learning Network.
    • (2011).  Regional Technical Expert Panel (RTEP).  Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (CCAPT) West Regional Team, SAMSHA.
    • (2010). Native American Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training.  CSAP’s CAPT West Regional Expert Team.


    (2013).  Denali Award.  Team Category.  Anchorage School District.

    Invited Presentations:

    (2014, April).  Digital Storytelling with Free Mobile Applications.  7th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning Symposium.


    • (2014, February).  Digital Storytelling Methods for Experiential Learning. 2014 Alaska Society for Technology in Education, Anchorage, Alaska.
    • (2009, April).  Update on the SCORE Curriculum and the SCORE Website.  2009 Surgical Education Week, Salt Lake City, Utah.


    Bell, MD, Richard H.; Banker B., Melissa; Rhodes, MD, Robert S.; Beister, Thomas W., Lewis, MD, Frank R. (2007).  Graduate Medical Education in Surgery in the United States.  Surgical Clinics of North America.August 2007, Vol 87, Issue 4.


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