Technology Fellows

Since 2005, Academic Innovations & eLearning (formerly FTC) has hosted the Technology Fellows program on a yearly basis. We welcome applications from all campuses in the UAA MAU. These exceptional faculty and staff members are chosen from many applicants using a rigorous application process. Technology Fellows are expected to integrate technology to support teaching and learning, and serve as mentors to colleagues interested in integrating technology into instruction.

Program Goals:

    •    Foster the effective use of technology to meet learning outcomes.
    •    Develop engaging, technology-based learning communities.
    •    Encourage self-supporting, innovative instructional leaders & mentors

The Tech Fellows engage in a 2-year fellowship with the 2nd year focusing on mentoring the next cohort. They attend a week-long intensive modeled around the iTeach curriculum at the beginning of the first year.


2013 UAA Technology Fellows

The focus of the 2013 Tech Fellows is moving a course online.

Tech Fellow badgeHeather Allen, Mathematics
Polly Bass, Natural Sciences
Douglass Bourne, English
David Bowie, English
Elizabeth Dennison, History
Felicia Desimini, Fine Arts
Maria Ippolito, Psychology
Philip Jordan, Psychology
Claudia Pearson, College Preparatory & Developmental Studies
Penny Vadla, Arts and Science

Visit the UAA Tech Fellows Blog on the Commons to see what great things the Tech Fellows are up to.


Jessie Nixon's Journey: 2012 Tech Fellow


Tech Fellows Program Specifics

The Tech Fellows is a two-year program, with the second year dedicated to mentoring the new cohort of Tech Fellows.


  • A week-long faculty intensive held in Anchorage, May 12–16, 2014 (2 days online, 3 days face-to-face)
  • Fall 2014- Spring 2015 Monthly Required Meetings
  • Year 2: Attend regular meetings with your Tech Fellow mentee
  • Year 2: Host one learning event through Academic Innovations & eLearning
  • Actively participate in online community space


  • Open to all Faculty, regardless of rank, and Instructional Support Staff
  • Rural campus applicants are encouraged, and some travel assistance is available


  • Support of community of learners in developing, teaching, and assessing your course
  • Support from our Design Team in course design and delivery
  • At least one improved course, and the skills to create more
  • Networking with peers throughout UAA
  • ePortfolio Development Support
Faculty Stipend
  • $ 500 at the end of week-long intensive, or $500 towards a technology research tool
  • $ 500 end of Year 1
  • $ 500 to your Department for Technology beginning of Year 2
  • $ 250 end of Year 2 to individual
  • Optional funding of further professional development opportunities through our national affiliates such as SLOAN Consortium

UAA Academic Innovations & eLearning
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3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99508
(907) 786-4496
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