A new position and focus for UAA, Paul Wasko is our new "ePortfolio Services Coordinator", and will be leading the research and implementation of ePortfolios at UAA.

UAA's e-portfolio project honors past efforts by bringing together faculty, students, staff, and leadership as part of an Advisory Council that is focused on helping to establish a learner-driven e-portfolio "infrastructure" for UAA.  The Council has been working with the project's coordinator to develop draft functional specifications (specifications are statements used to describe how a particular tool or service addresses a particular requirement – e.g. "The e-portfolio must accommodate uploaded files in a variety of media formats (.doc, mp3, .ppt, etc.)).  

Having completed their spring work, the Council will reconvene in the fall to engage in a selection process based on responses from interested vendors (vendors who spent the summer responding to our RFP – request for proposal). After the selection process is completed and a contract is executed, work efforts will shift to identifying program/area pilots for spring 2015 with university-wide roll-out targeted for fall of 2015 ("roll-out" is defined as being available for use by students, faculty, and staff).

Prior UAA Research

2010-2012 ePortfolio Working Group Final Report & Recommendations


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