I am a...Public Event Planner

TheatreUAA is committed to campuswide accessibility in all programs and offerings. This includes all events that are sponsored through university entities, whether they take place on campus or in another location.

When thinking about planning these events there are some basic steps that can easily be overlooked. This page provides a checklist to help make sure events are accessible to diverse populations.

1) Where is the event located

  • Make sure there are accessible parking spaces and clear paths with curb cuts leading to accessible entrances
  • Make sure there are accessible restrooms
  • Make sure all rooms where events are held can easily be reached

2) How will the space be setup 

  • Make sure there are wide paths of travel (at least 36 inches)
  • Make sure furniture accommodates a wide range of body types
  • Leave a few spots open for wheelchairs or scooters when establishing rows of seating

3) How will information be shared with event participants

  • Make sure speakers face out when talking and consider captioning for large events in which many people might have a hard time hearing
  • If there are visual aids make sure they are large and clear and try to provide handouts as well as electronic versions of content when possible
  • Make sure videos are captioned

4) How will the event be advertised

  • Make sure to use accessibility notice providing clear contact for accommodation requests
  • Try to advertise in multiple formats, paper, online, radio, etc

5) How is the budget built

  • Potential accommodation costs should be built into budget from start
  • Work with Disability Support Services to discuss options