My role is...

Community Member

UAA values our connections with the community. When people come on to campus for events, or participate in collaborations, or when individuals consult our online information, we want those experiences to be positive. Feedback is absolutely critical.

Computer User

Many people get used to using computers a certain way without realizing how many options there really are. There are training materials, handouts, and downloads that can improve the user experience for a wide range of people.

Content Author

Little changes can make a big difference when it comes to creating accessible content. Whether you are using Adobe, Word, or PowerPoint, and whether you are creating handouts or forms or videos, if there is content that you are creating, it is good to know about best practices.

Course Facilitator

Faculty are supported by Disability Support Services in making sure students with disabilities have equal access. The university ensures compliance with legal mandates by using the accommodation process and most faculty members are aware of the faculty notification letters that serae as the vehicle for addressing accessibility for students with disabilities, however, the best time to address accessibility is actually at the design stage. When course facilitators take the time to really consider how content is represented, what opportunities for engagement are going to be provided, as well as which methods of demonstrating mastery students will be able to choose from and choose to ook at attendance policies, grading policies, and opportunities for earning extra credit, student needs can be met in a much more comprehensive manner. The good news is that there is a wealth of information available.

Hiring Authority

The University of Alaska Anchorage needs to attract and retain a workforce of highly qualified and diverse individuals. The way we write our job descriptions and advertise our postings matters. The way we respond to candidates in the interview process, and the way we think about professional development can shape our workforce .

Public Event Planner

When thinking about events on campus there are some basic steps that can easily be overlooked. This page provides a checklist to help make sure events are accessible to diverse populations.


Content Management Systems can make it easier to build and maintain accessible website, but whether you are using CMS or not, there are important standards and priorities you must understand in order to implement appropriately.