Program Accreditation

When available, individual academic programs often seek verification that their program of studies and student outcomes meet national standards established by independent associations or governmental agencies. That verification is documented as a program accreditation. Students who complete an accredited curriculum enjoy additional confidence that experts in that field have evaluated the program and testified to its quality. Program accreditation may also enable students to more easily obtain professional certifications or registration.

More than 60 academic programs have approval and/or accreditation from agencies external to UAA.

Programs considering seeking new accreditation should contact their Dean or Director and the Office of Academic Affairs. This document provides a list of considerations to evaluate as the program, Dean or Director, and the Office of Academic Affairs decide whether to proceed.

All communication with accrediting agencies regarding new and existing program accreditation should be routed through the school or college and the Office of Academic Affairs before being submitted to the external organization. This is intended to assist programs in making the best possible case, and to ensure that the institution's records are complete with regard to program accreditation.

As departments prepare program accreditation materials, they should contact the Office of Academic Affairs early on to discuss the schedule so time can be set aside to review your materials. Their overall schedule for completing the materials should also include time for this review. This will allow the Office of Academic Affairs to provide timely feedback on each program's draft materials.


Program Accreditation Contacts

For undergraduate programs, please contact:
For graduate programs, please contact: