Online Planner 

Two or More Weeks Prior to the Semester

Welcome to the first section of the planner.  The sooner you can start in on getting ready to teach, the better. There can be various bureaucratic hangups that slow things down, so find ways to keep moving forward. The checklist for two or more weeks out and the checklist for one week out can be worked simultaneously if need be. See the Crash Course page if you have just started this process less than a week before your first class.

Keep in close touch with your department contact - this could be the department chair, an admin assistant, or a receptionist. This person is your connection to solving problems at the university. 

Let's get started: 
  1. Finish the New Hire Process - all the paperwork needs to be completed before anything else can happen
  2. Compete Title IX training
  3. Complete FERPA Training (student privacy rights)
  4. Get Copy of Textbook 
  5. Create Your Syllabus
  6. Login to UAOnline
  7. Visit Your Classroom
  8. Get a Parking Permit (main campus only)
  9. Prepare Teaching Materials
  10. Review Resources