Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test (HOBET)


Check out the HOBET website.

The HOBET is used as an entrance test for some degree programs with UAA and other schools around the nation. The HOBET will not only identify weaknesses in processing skills which are necessary for success in college, but the test will enable each student to correct their weaknesses prior to entering school. The group and individual diagnostic report generated by the HOBET will compare each student and group with national norming.

  • Essential Math Skills
  • Reading Comprehension for Science Textbooks and Reading Rate3 Students
  • Critical Thinking Appraisal
  • Written Expression
  • Basic Science
  • Test Taking Skills
  • Stress Levels
  • Learning Styles
  • Composite Scores

Each HOBET exam is $65. Please report to the Advising & Testing Center in the University Center Mall in room 112 to receive a payment card. You will then take the payment card across the hall to cashiering to pay the $65 fee by cash, check or credit card. Then return to the Advising & Testing Center during our Open Testing Lab Hours to test.


Remote HOBET Testing

Remote HOBET tests are available at a cost of $65 to testers who are unable to physically test at the Advising & Testing Center.

Setting up a Remote HOBET test will take 24 hours once the information has been submitted.

We require ALL testing be done in a proctored setting. No tester should be allowed to take the test without the supervision of an approved proctor.


Remote HOBET Process

1. Find qualified proctor and have them complete the Proctor Security Agreement (CLICK HERE).

Proctor Qualifications:
·         Familiar with accepted practices for administering standardized tests 
·         Has no vested interest in the tester’s scores
·         Is not related to the tester
·         Is employed by an educational institution

2. Create an account at www.atitesting.comBring this information with you to your proctor's location on the day of your test.

3. Complete the Remote HOBET Request Form (CLICK HERE) and submit.