Is this Program available online?

No.  While general degree requirements for the AAS degree may be available online through at least one UA campus, courses associated with the Undergraduate Certificate require full-time, on-campus enrollment.

Is this program available for part-time enrollment?

The Undergraduate Certificate program requires full-time enrollment.  General degree requirements for the AAS degree may be taken before or after the Undergraduate Certificate program as a part-time student.

Are Dental Assistants required to be certified or licensed in the state of Alaska?

No.  In the State of Alaska, Dental Assistants are not required to be certified or licensed.  Some dental assistants in Alaska were trained 'on-the-job'.  However, attending a training program and/or passing the DANB certification can provide a competitive edge in the job market.  Furthermore, students can relocate to a state that requires certification upon completion of the UAA Dental Assisting program and DANB certification.  

Is the cost of the DANB included in the class lab fees?

Currently the DANB is not required as part of the Dental Assisting program and some students elect not to take the DANB.  Therefore, the cost of the DANB is not included in class lab fees.  


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