Advising Brochures

Advising brochures are publications that are produced by UAA's Enrollment Services for all Associate and Baccaleareate degree programs at the University.  These brochures are a tool for students to understand what the prerequisite, major, and degree requirements are for particular program of study.  While the information presented in advising brochures are based on the academic catalog, students should always refer to the course catalog and/or an academic advisor for additional information about their program of study.

As of July 1, 2011, the School of Allied Health (formerly the Allied Health Sciences Division) is part of the new College of Health.  The School of Allied Health is no longer part of the Community and Technical College as indicated in the the most current advising brochures.  New advising brochures will be available in mid year 2012.

Dental Assisting, Undergraduate Certificate and AAS Degree

Dental Hygiene, AAS Degree
Note:  The Dental Hygiene Program also has a BS Dental Hygiene Option.  The BS Dental Hygiene is a Bachelor's Degree completion program and students will only be admitted to the Pre-Major BS Dental Hygiene once they have completed an AAS Dental Hygiene Degree unless otherwise approved by the faculty advisor.

Fire & Emergency Services Technology, AAS Degree

Medical Assisting, Preparation for CMA Exam and AAS Degree

Medical Laboratory Technology, AAS and BS Degree

Radiologic Technology, AAS Degree

Occupational Endorsement Certificates
Advising brochure are no longer available for Occupational Endorsement Certificates, including Limited Radiography, Clinical Assisting, Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Technology and Medical Office Coding.  Please refer to the program websites for additional information.