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UAA alumni live, work and engage with communities in each of the 50 states and across the globe. Hear the amazing stories of impressive UAA alumni in our "I am UAA" story series. Read the most recent profiles below, and visit the Green and Gold website for a complete list of all our amazing 'I Am UAA' alumni stories.

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Amazing Stories from the University of Alaska Anchorage

Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Wood
UAA alumnus Brandon Wood ran his first Crow Pass Crossing last year. He talks here about his three-year path to that torturous race.
Alumni Spotlight: Leda Garside
Award-winning nurse Leda Garside brings her mobile medical clinic rolling through the valleys and vineyards of Oregon's wine country, seeking to provide much-needed health care and support to the state's migrant workers.
Alumni Spotlight: Tim Coe
After a low-income childhood where the McDonald’s drive-thru seemed like an out-of-reach luxury, Tim now oversees budgets of up to $80 million as a project engineer.
Alumni Spotlight: Amy Meissner
Amy is no stranger to artistic reinvention. This former custom wedding gown maker is also a writer, a children's book illustrator and a textile artist.
Student Spotlight: Cody Gibson
Cody Gibson has a big job ahead of him—mapping the ocean floor. It'll take boats, airplanes, helicopters, lasers, a lot more hands on deck and probably decades. That's some job security for a geomatics scholar.
Alumni Spotlight: Jan Newman
She's done it all: flying planes, driving a forklift, raising alpacas, earning a bachelor's degree in physics and, at UAA, a master's degree in education. Now she's founded Grow Palmer, an organization that creates gardens where anyone can clip off and eat broccoli, lettuce, cabbage and other healthy delectables. Meet Jan Newman.
Student Spotlight: Jack Runser
Cerebral palsy and deafness complicate his life, yet he pushes back against those challenges to enjoy family and friends, camp, kayak and shock public perceptions about the concept of disability. Meet Jack Runser.
Alumni Spotlight: Scott Clendaniel
Beer, art and business blend together for Scott, who has worked as a full-time artist for nearly nine years. Together with his wife and business partner Maria, the duo are tackling their largest challenge to date. It’s a new year’s resolution with a following—release a new beer portrait every day for an entire year.
Community Spotlight: Coombs Orthodontics
Coombs Orthodontics takes on UAA students each spring to complete their externship, and many stay on as full-time staff immediately after completing their six-week program. Brace yourself for a tale of a true community partnership.
Alumni Spotlight: Erick Romig
Erick wasn't a great student in high school. So how is it that he found himself sifting through acceptances and fellowship offers from prestigious Ph.D. programs after he graduated from UAA? Some important connections and the chance to study abroad helped propel him into the life of an academic.