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UAA alumni live, work and engage with communities in each of the 50 states and across the globe. Hear the amazing stories of impressive UAA alumni in our "I am UAA" story series. Read the most recent profiles below, and visit the Green and Gold website for a complete list of all our amazing 'I Am UAA' alumni stories.

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Amazing Stories from the University of Alaska Anchorage

Community Spotlight: Ryan Air
Alaska Native-owned Ryan Air is a third-generation family business that looks to both their family tree and the wide network of UAA alumni to staff their operations in 73 villages across Western Alaska.
How to accidentally become a linguist
He may not be a glam rocker, but UAA's David Bowie, a linguist, does have moments when he captures the crowd's attention. For more than five years, he's been helping UAA students think like linguists and embrace the way they speak as part of their identity.
Opera singer’s day job: saving students’ time, money
At work, Michael Smith feels passionate about streamlining work flow and preventing scheduling snares that could cost UAA students money. After work, the Department of Music alumnus enjoys his other passion: opera.
Hollywood. Bollywood. Denali-wood?
'Northern Exposure' filmed in Washington state and the ponds of 'Mystery, Alaska' were far south in Alberta, but Dave Worrell is looking to change that. As an economic development specialist with the state's film program, he convinces Hollywood execs to pack their parkas and film their stories on the Last Frontier.
College 2.0: Earning a second bachelor’s degree
The daughter of a geologist and geophysicist, Anna thought she wanted to be anything BUT a scientist. She earned a degree in French literature before she realized that geology is where she wants to be. So she's back in school, wiser and more focused than ever.
Concocting vivid new worlds
He doesn't quite know yet where he wants his life to end up, but he's enjoyed recording the images and writing the stories of all the places and people he's encountered during his voyages. Meet Cecil Brown.
Student Spotlight: Shenjie Onato
This management and marketing double major is also developing expertise in helping students feel like they belong here at UAA. As student manager of the Daily Den, he welcomes students to "the living room of campus" for snacks and a chat between classes, Monday-Thursday.
How to win a marathon
As frost and football descend on the nation, most Americans are content enjoying their hard-earned lazy Sundays. But for former cross-country standout Yon Yilma, Sundays are the perfect day for a 22-mile run. Every Sunday. Even when his Seahawks are playing.
Alumni of Distinction: Virginia Groeschel
Virginia, among this year's Alumni of Distinction, co-founded the UAA College of Engineering Alumni chapter last year and now oversees the group’s ambitious goals as president. She'll be recognized at the Green & Gold Gala on Saturday, Sept. 27.
Alumni Spotlight: Aimee Devaris, M.S. Science Management ’05
As director of the National Weather Service’s Alaska Region, Aimee Devaris has been blamed for rainy camping trips and, on the flip side, thanked for a sunny wedding day. Either way, she rolls with it and can laugh about the misconception that she, personally, is in charge of Alaska’s volatile seas and skies.