E-Portfolio Resources


E-portfolios are digital archives of student learning, with learning artifacts, student reflections and peer or teacher feedback organized around learning outcomes. 

E-portfolios enhance learning, assess learning and showcase learning. 

E-portfolios enhance learning through student reflection on learning outcomes, helping students connect academic and personal experience.  E-portfolios provide specific examples of student learning connected to learning outcomes, thereby serving program and institution assessment needs.  Finally, and often of most importance to students, e-portfolios can be shared to demonstrate learning, acting as a 21st century resume. 


Clemson University. E-Portfolio GalleryStudent Example.

Laguardia Community College.  E-portfolio Gallery.  Basic. IntermediateAdvancedCapstoneShowcase.    

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, CI 335 Content Areas Applications of Educational Technology.  Examples of Students’ ePortfolios. 

Task Stream Demo from Northeastern University, and, Northeastern University’s e-portfolio pilot project


Outcomes and Rubrics to Assess E-Portfolios

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Task Stream Demo from Northeastern University.


Rationale and University Experiences:

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Northeastern University’s e-portfolio pilot project



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