History and Mission


As subtly reflected by the Alaska Native Community Advancement in Psychology (ANCAP) Program logo, the University of Alaska Anchorage's ANCAP program is the rebirth of a past, similar program known as Alaska Natives into Psychology (ANPsych). The new ANCAP Program is the revitalization of ANPsych, with a similar yet unique mission.

In brief, ANCAP seeks to address behavioral and mental health issues and promote wellness among Alaska Native communities by enhancing cultural pride and connectedness (collective self-esteem). By recruiting, retaining, and training Alaska Native behavioral health researchers providers, and leaders, not only are we addressing the disparities regarding the numbers of Alaska Native individuals in such areas, but the likelihood of improving the cultural sensitivity, appropriateness, and applicability of behavioral health research and services for Alaska Natives are also increased. ANCAP projects: 

(1) Emphasize the strengths of Alaska Native communities and cultures;
(2) Involve both individual-level and social/environmental-level solutions to behavioral health issues; and
(3) Encourage Alaska Native individuals to give back and contribute to their communities - an approach to addressing health issues and promoting wellness that is more likely to produce positive and sustainable results.
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ANCAP Programs and Services are made possible by the generosity and support of:

The Arctic Slope Regional Corporation
The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
Doyon, Limited
Arctic Slope Community Foundation
UAA Center for Addressing Health Disparities through Research and Education (CAHDRE)
UAA Center for Community Engagement and Learning (CCEL)
Alaska Airlines
UAA Department of Psychology
Rasmuson Foundation

Our Objectives

  • To recruit, retain, and mentor Native students in the field of Psychology.
  • To provide outreach to high schools, rural campuses of UA, and Native Corporations and communities.
  • To provide student support
    • Cultural
    • Social
    • Academic
    • Networking     
  • To support Native Doctoral Students in the Joint Ph.D. program in Clinical-Community Psychology with Rural, Indigenous Emphasis


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