UAA Anthropology Club

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Next Meeting:

  Monday, November 10th
   4:00 - 5:00 pm
   PSB 219 



  • Movie nights
  • Public talks
  • Book and Bake sales
  • Archaeology Day (in October) 


The club is designed to bring together students interested in anthropology as a way to engage in the discipline beyond the classroom.

We are open to everyone and encourage people who love anthropology like us to join!

There is a signup sheet outside the anthropology department in PSB or you can email us at the link below. 

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Sponsored Events

   A listing of the special events and public
   talks that the club has hosted.

Club Representatives

President: Pierce Bateman     

Vice President: Norma Johnson

Club Council Rep: Jake Bainbridge

Treasurer:  Norma Johnson (interim)

Secretary: William Jodwalis

Communications Officer: Jaella Nelson

Contact Us: Anthroclub@UAA 

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