FASD Education and Training Services

The Arctic FASD Regional Training Center educational curriculum is aligned with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) seven FASD core competencies for health and allied healthcare professionals who work with pregnant woman or individuals with an FASD. Our curriculum addresses the specific needs of our region’s culturally diverse and rural communities.

See the Arctic FASD Regional Training Center brochure for general information about our FASD education and training services. Detailed information about our educational and training offerings can be found here (PDF).

For university and college faculty

We offer guest lectures tailored to the needs of your students. (See our faculty resource brochure.)

For health and allied health care organizations

We offer workshops tailored to the FASD educational needs of your staff. We can also offer American Psychological Association (APA) continuing education credit. (Please contact us for more details.) (See our agency resource brochure.)