Current Exhibit

"Utopian Dreams"

by Margret Hugi-Lewis

September 12 - October 31, 2014

Friday, September 12th, 5:30 - 7pm
Consortium Library, First Floor

Utopian Dreams | Margret Hugi-Lewis 2014 | UAA Fine Arts | Arc Gallery

This exhibit is entitled "Utopian Dreams" because that term captures, for me, the essence of the eclectic line drawings on walls and objects in the style of tattoos, presenting a surrealistic tableau.Mundane objects and familiar animals become bizarre in unfamiliar contexts.The exhibit is an installation done as a stage set to dramatize the objects as though they were props in a play.The scene is a tattoo parlor.

Artist Biography

Margret Hugi-Lewis was born in Switzerland and trained at the Basel School of Art.  She moved to the Ein Hod Artists’ Colony in Israel at the invitation of Dadaist Marcel Janco and worked in her studio there for over two decades before moving to Alaska in 1984.

In Alaska, Hugi-Lewis found inspiration in Native arts and saw her work becoming more and more three-dimensional and mixed media.  She has been commissioned to produce a number of painted steel and/or aluminum metal sculptures in public buildings and parks in Alaska, Hawaii and Switzerland.  In Bern, Switzerland, “The Guardian” is a painted totemic steel sculpture over 30 feet tall, 14 feet wide, and 2 ½ tons in weight.  Hugi-Lewis has also produced numerous sculptures and paintings commissioned for private homes.  She sells her work out of her gallery at the Hugi-Lewis Studio, 1008 W. Northern Lights Blvd., in Anchorage.

Hugi-Lewis is also a theatrical stage designer.  She has designed and fabricated sets for Cyrano’s Theatre Company, the Performing  Arts Center and UAA Theatre & Dance.  It is the combination of her experience as a visual artist and a theatrical set designer that inspired the “Utopian Dream” installation here at UAA.


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Tale of Genjo Illustrations from the Burke Album

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  • Tale of Genji: Illustrations form the Burke Album
  • Tale of Genji: Illustrations form the Burke Album
  • Tale of Genji: Illustrations form the Burke Album

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