Assessing Programs and Student Learning

UAA offers programs of high academic quality and attends to student achievement within those programs. It does so within the framework of being an excellent steward of state funding. To assure UAA meets these goals, there are two review processes that all academic programs undertake: program student learning outcomes assessment and academic program review.


Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

The Faculty Senate Academic Assessment Committee is responsible for providing peer leadership, support and review of academic assessment at UAA. For information on processes, due dates, plans, templates, and other resources please visit the Academic Assessment Committee website. Assessment is ongoing and leads to program improvements for enhanced student learning. Final results of Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment are reported annually to the Board of Regents.


Board of Regents Five-Year Program Review

In light of the program prioritization process, Statewide has authorized UAA to forego the BOR Five Year Program Review process in the 2013-2014 academic year. They ask that UAA reschedule those programs that were to be reviewed so all our programs are reviewed in a five year period per BOR policy. Programs scheduled in the current academic year are labeled "TBD" until the Academic Dean and Campus Directors have determined their recommendations for the new schedule. 

Academic Program Review at UAA aligns with NWCCU institutional accreditation standards, which emphasize planning, assessing effectiveness, and making improvements to the institution and its programs and services. The process complies with University Regulation 10.06.01.B. and examines: mission and alignment; centrality of mission and supporting role; coordination across campuses; program demand, efficiency, and productivity; and program quality and improvement.

The UAA process has three phases of review. Programs undergoing extended review move to phases two and three and include the participation of the Office of Academic Affairs in determining an action plan. Final results of the Program Review process are reported annually to the Board of Regents.

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