Master's Students

Current ListingProject TitlesAdvisor
Beltran, Roxanne
Beltran, Roxanne(web)
"A generalized bioenergetic model for pinnipeds: a toolkit for testing hypothesis about impacts of environmental change on top predators."Jennifer Burns
Bishoff, JoshIan van Tets 
Brockman, Christopher"Evaluation of brown bear predation on ungulate calves in southcentral Alaska using neck mounted cameras, GPS, and stable isotopes."Don Spalinger
Brownlee, Annalis
Brownlee, Annie(web)
"Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Tree Ring Alpha-Cellulose Indicates That Drought Stress Cannot Explain White Spruce Growth Declines in the Easter Brooks Range, Alaska."Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson
Conley, Pamella
Conley, Pamella (web)
Ebbs, LisaJeff Welker
Eidam, Dona
Eidam, Dona(web)
"Trophic ecology of non-native Alaska blackfish (Dallia pectoralis) in Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska" Frank von Hippel
Ellison, Sarah
Ellison, Sarah(web)
"Controls on Arctic tree performance along a west-east climate gradient in the Brooks Range, Alaska"Paddy Sullivan
Elswick, Lorna "Jaime"
"Musculoskeletal Ultrasound as a Measurement Tool to Detect Changes in Fascia Thickness Post-Radiation Therapy"Jason Burkhead
Gamm, Cassandra
Gamm, Cassie(small)
"The Use of Stable Isotopes and Dendrochronology to Examine the Evidence of Shrub Encroachment in West Greenland"Paddy Sullivan
Glaser, Marion
Glaser, Marion(web)
"Quantifying the carrying capacity of moose habitat in the Chugach National Forest"Donald Spalinger
Hatton, Jasmine Khrys Duddleston
Kirkham, Amy
Amy Kirkham(web)
Jennifer Burns
Kubly, Kerry
Kerry Kubly  |  UAA Biological Sciences
"Characterization of the overwintering strategy of the Alaska blackfish (Dallia pectoralis) by examining cardiac activity"Jonathan Stecyk
Legner, Kate"Seasonal Movements, Diet Composition, and Diet Nutritional Quality of Unimak Island Caribou"Donald Spalinger
MacNeille, Margie
MacNeille, Margie(web)
"Seasonal Accumulation of Anthocyanin Pigmentation is Too Late to Protect Photosynthesis or Nitrogen Resorption in Three Widespread High-Latitude Plants"Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson
McCarthy, Molly
McCarthy, Molly (web)
"Inferring past sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) population fluctuations in two nursery lakes, Kenai Peninsula, AK, USA"Dan Rinella/
Matthew Carlson
McFadden, Laurel
McFadden, Laurel(web)
"Distribution and ecology of zooplankton and juvenile salmon in the Copper River Plume"Doug Causey
Merrill, SarahFred Rainey
O'Dell, MatthewJeff Welker
Rzeczycki, TheresaMatthew Carlson
Schlei, Ora
Schlei, Ora(web)
"Population structure of Bering cisco (Coregonus laurettae) from the Yukon, Kuskokwin, and Susitna drainages of Alaska"Doug Causey
Schneller, Laura"Impacts of the Invasive Melilotus Alba on Alaskan Boreal Plant-Pollinator Mutualisms"Matthew Carlson
Schock, Wade
Schock, Wade(web)
"Migration Dynamics of Midcontinent Greater White-Fronted Geese (anser albifrons frontalis) from Interior to Northwest Alaska"Doug Causey
Spaulding, TyDoug Causey 
Stanek, Ashley
Stanek, Ashley(web)
"Dietary Ecology of Alaskan Gray Wolves: Variation in Seasonal Foraging Strategies in a Salmon Subsidized Ecosystem"Jeff Welker
Stopa, Nicole
Stopa, Nicole(web)
"Chromatin Modifiers in Xenopus Laevis: Protein Arginine Methyltransfrase 5 Function and Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor Complexes in Development"Jocelyn Krebs
Tallino, Savannah
Savannah Tallino
"Copper deficiency and sucrose consumption: factors in the "Western Diet" and their relationship to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cognitive decline" Jason Burkhead


Ph.D. Students

Current ListingContact InformationAdvisor
Furin, Christoff        Frank von Hippel
Jochum, Kimkajochum@alaska.eduLillian Alessa & Andy Kliskey
Lescak, Emily 
Lescak, Emily (web) Frank von Hippel 
Pearson, Linnealepearson@alaska.eduJennifer Burns
Richter, Melaniemmrichter@alaska.eduLoren Buck
Shero, Michelle mrshero@alaska.eduJennifer Burns