2013 REU Students

REU 2013(web)
  • Alexandria (Allie) Dyer - Colgate University
  • Faculty Mentor: Khrys Duddleston
  • Ana-Gabriela (Ana Gaby) Herrera - University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Faculty Mentor: Miki Ii
  • Ellen Irwin - Dartmouth College 
  • Faculty Mentor: Dan Rinella
  • Teresa Liu - Bowdoin College
  • Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson
  • Kathryn Metzker - University of Miami
  • Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson
  • Kaitlynn Miller - Bowdoin College
  • Faculty Mentor: Jeff Welker
  • Erin Oliver - Louisiana State University
  • Faculty Mentor: Fred Rainey
  • Jon Shero - MacDaniel College
  • Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Stecyk
  • Lauren Simonitis - University of Miami
  • Faculty Mentor: Jenn Burns
  • Kate Wilsterman - Bucknell
  • Faculty Mentor: Loren Buck

2012 REU Students

REU students 2012(web)

  • Kristin Cheney - University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
  • Faculty Mentor: Frank von Hippel 
  • Susan Gray - University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson
  • Alexander Krichels - Oberlin College, OH 
  • Faculty Mentor: Paddy Sullivan 
  • Caitlin Leach - University of Minnesota Duluth, MN
  • Faculty Mentor: Dan Rinella 
  • Katherine Litrell - Skidmore College, NY
  • Faculty Mentor: Frank von Hippel 
  • Lacy Merrill - Univeristy Alaska Anchorage
  • Faculty Mentor: Jeff Welker 
  • Katie Robertson - North Carolina State University, NC
  • Faculty Mentor: Jenn Burns 
  • Brady Salli - University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Faculty Mentor: Loren Buck 
  • Devinn Sinnott - Ohio Wesleyan University, OH 
  • Faculty Mentor: Khrys Duddleston 
  • Patrick Succo - Fort Lewis College, CO 
  • Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Krebs
  • Allison Zimont - Milwaukee School of Engineering, MI 
  • Faculty Mentor: Fred Rainey 



2011 REU Students

reu photo 2

  • Brandon Baird - State University of New York, Stony Brook
    Lichen color and water relations

    Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson

  • Melanie Dufva - University of Florida
    Analysis of the gut microbiota of arctic ground squirrels and Alaska marmots: Development of 16s rMRNA clone libraries
    Faculty Mentor: Khrys Duddleston

  • Annie Farner - University of Michigan
    REU on Unimak: An analysis of caribou (Rangifer taradus) habitat at large and small scales (project completed with Martha Newell)
    Faculty Mentor: Don Spalinger         
  • William Harbour - Whitman College
    Knockdown of Williams Syndrome transcription factor (WSTF) affects mesoderm development in Xenopus laevis
    Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Krebs
  • Brian Kramp - Alaska Pacific University
    High arctic riverine DOC and 14C
    Faculty Mentor: Jeff Welker
  • Aaron Heaslet - University of Alaska Anchorage
    Developing intracellular tools for analyzing pcDNA3.1 ATP7B DsRed in HepG2 cells
    Faculty Mentor: Jason Burkhead

  • Beth Morrison - University of California Santa Cruz
    Mercury concentration in benthic versus limnetic morphotypes of threespine stickleback
    Faculty Mentor: Frank von Hippel

  • Martha Newell - Columbus State University
    REU on Unimak: An analysis of caribou (Rangifer taradus) habitat at large and small scales (project completed with Annie Farner)
    Faculty Mentor: Don Spalinger

  • Kathleen Robbins - University of North Carolina Wilmington|
    Hematological development in young Arctic Ground Squirrels:  a model for natural resistance to iron deficiency? 
    Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Burns

  • Jeff Skaza - Fitchburg State University
    Habitat associations of odonate communities on the Kenai Peninsula, AK, and implications on amphibian abnormalities
    Faculty Mentor: Dan Rinella 


REU 2010

  • Kerri Ackerly - Adelphi University
    Faculty Mentor: Frank von Hippel

  • Annie Brownlee - St. Olaf College
    Effects of spacial environmental heterogeneity of open-top (ITEX) chamber design for simulated climate change on cryptograms
    Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson

  • Maggie Hepler - Colorado State University
    Faculty Mentor: Jason Burkhead

  • Amber Lewis - University of Alaska Anchorage
    The effects of snow depth on active layer in tussock tundra of northern Alaska
    Faculty Mentor: Jeff Welker

  • Brian Lohman - University of Idaho 
    Prey Selection by Dragonfly Naiads Webstream

    Faculty Mentor: Frank von Hippel

  • Chris Payne - Saint Vincent College
    Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson

  • Brian Quinlan - University of Alaska Anchorage
    Comparative Analysis of the Gut Microbiota Between Arctic Ground Squirrels and Alaska Marmots  Webstream 

    Faculty Mentor: Khrys Duddleston

  • Grace Russell - Carleton College
    Biotic factors affecting wood frog (Rana sylvatica) morphology in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

    Faculty Mentor: Dan Bogan

  • Michelle Shero - St. Mary’s College of Maryland
    Post-molt condition of Weddell seals and links with overwinter diving behavior

    Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Burns


2009 reu group photo

  • Bourke Betz - Wheaton College
    Environmental Awareness & Perception of Change in the Urban Waterways of Anchorage
    Faculty Mentors - Lilian Alessa & Andrew Kliskey

  • Samuel Cason - University of Alaska Anchorage
    The Effect of Chronic Stress on the Adrenal Cortex of the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus)
    Faculty Mentor - David Pfeiffer

  • Allison Chan - Bowdoin College  
    Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson

  • Robert McNown - College of William and Mary
    Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson

  • Eian Prohl - University of New Hampshire   
    Faculty Mentor - Jeff Welker

  • Elaine Ramos - California State University   
    1)  Development of macroinvertebrate and diatom biological monitoring indices for wadeable streams
    2)  Yukon River Synoptic Survey, A Part of the U.S. EPA National Survey
    3)  A Pilot study to understand the history of a known nuisance diatom (Didymosphenia geminata)
    Faculty Mentors - Dan Bogan & Dan Rinella

  • Michelle Shero - St. Mary's College of Maryland    
    Ontogeny of muscle fiber composition and enzyme activities in Northern fur seals (Callorhinus ursinus)
    Faculty Mentor - Jennifer Burns

  • Alice  Vislova - University of Minnesota  Dan Bogan & Rinnella
    Didymosphenia geminata habitat preferences and colonization patterns  of natural substrate in Campbell Creek, Anchorage, AK
    Faculty Mentors - Dan Bogan & Dan Rinella

  • Peter Wilton - Carleton College  Frank
    Anthropogenic disturbance and trophic feeding morphology of threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) in Southcentral Alaska
    Faculty Mentor- Frank von Hippel



  • Benjamin S. Cohen – Williams College 
    Expression Patterns of MRF4 in X. laevis
    Faculty Mentor: Timothy Hinterberger

  • Quiana Childress – University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
    Regulation of the CUP1 gene by an antisense transcription
    Faculty mentor: Jocelyn Krebs

  • Heath Eggleston- Dakota Wesleyan University
    Microtopographic Controls on Treeline Advance in Noatak National Preserve, Alaska
    Faculty Mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson 

  • Ashley M. Fenn – Colorado State University
    Behavior and Home Range of the Arctic Ground Squirrel
    Faculty Mentor: C. Loren Buck

  • Brett Frazer – University of Alaska Anchorage|
    Grazing mediates tundra responses of ecosystem photosynthesis to warming: Carbon cycling biogeochemistry in west-central Greenland
    Faculty Mentor: Jeff Welker

  • Ruth Heindel – Brown University
    Changes in Betula Nana Abundance and Growth Characteristics Due to Increases Snow Cover
    Faculty Mentor: Jeff Welker

  • Elliott Kittel – University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
    Unusual Stickleback Morphology on Adak Island, Alaska
    Faculty Mentor: Frank von Hippel

  • Ryan Langendorf – Bates College
  • Modeling Diving Patterns of Foraging Crabeater Seals(L. carcinophaga)
    Faculty Mentors: Jennifer Burns and Ward Testa

  • Leonardo E. Matthews – University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
    The Recolonization of threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus) in Salmonberry Pond
    Faculty Mentor: Frank von Hippel

  • Keith Miller – University of Central Michegan
    Evaluation of moose habitat using low-level aerial photography
    Faculty Mentor: Don Spalinger  


  • Jon Van Ravenswaay – University of Alaska Anchorage
    Regulation of copper homeostasis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Faculty Mentor: Joceyln Krebs

  • Ashley Kehoe
    FTIR Investigation of Forage Digestibility
    Faculty Mentor: Don Spalinger 

  • Jayelene Duarte – University of Alaska Anchorage
    Effects of Long-term Stress on the Cetacean Adrenal Cortex
    Faculty Mentor: David Pfeiffer

  • Emma Coleman
    MRF4 Gene Expression in the Xenopus laevis Frog
    Faculty mentors: Tim Hinterberger and Frank von Hippel

  • Jeremy Chignell – University of Alaska Anchorage
    Changes in Betula nana Shrub Canopy Characteristics in
    Response to Increased Snow Depths at a Wet Acidic Tundra Site in the Alaska High Arctic

    Faculty mentor: Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson

  • Joel Cortes
    Kinetics of Forage Digestion in Fistulated Captive Moose
    (Alces alces)

    Faculty Mentor: Don Spalinger 

  • Heidi Kristensen
    Effects of experimental warming on CO2 fluxes in a high arctic prostrate dwarf-shrub/herb tundra ecosystemtal and Nat
    Faculty Mentor: Jeff Welker 

  • Alexandra Wright
    Pre-hibernation focal observations in free-living arctic ground squirrels
    Faculty Mentor: C. Loren Buck