A Note from the Director

The Career Services Center at the University of Alaska Anchorage develops a variety of co-curricular programs that provide insights into a wide range of professional settings. As with almost anything else in life, the better prepared you are for a situation, the better the outcome. Through individualized career counseling and focused workshops, professionals in the Career Services Center help you develop self-knowledge related to your career choice and other employment pathways.  The Center offers information to aid in career and educational planning, the selection of suitable academic programs, and experiential opportunities that complement your educational pathway.  We work closely with employers to identify internship and employment opportunities.  The Center supports you as you transition from academia to the work place by helping you develop essential skills such as resume preparation, interviewing techniques, mock interviews, networking, and other soft skills (work ethic, communication, attitude, etc.) that employers expect members of their workforce to possess.

The Center offers web-based employment referrals through the use of a database.  The system supports the delivery of electronic credentials (resume, cover letters, and transcripts, etc.) and provides a direct connection to search employment opportunities and for employers to post positions.

We look forward to working with you, whether student, alumni, prospective employer, faculty, staff, or community member. Please make use of the many resources and features of this website and return frequently to see the new program offerings, capabilities, and updates that we promise to make on an on-going basis.

Diane Kozak Signature

Diane Kozak
Former Director (2011-2014)
UAA Career Services Center