2014 ConocoPhillips On-Campus Interviews

ConocoPhillips' on-campus interviews are a great way to connect with this employer and jump start your career!

ConocoPhillips Supply Chain Intern - On Campus Interview Flyer

If you are interested in an internship with ConocoPhillips and are enrolled in one of the following majors, you may apply for an internship interview:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Energy Commerce
  • Finance
  • Math
  • Statistics


ConocoPhillips Supply Chain Intern
For more info, view the position description on College Central Network (CCN) by searching for Job ID 3685076
  • See "Other Job Requirements" section of CCN Job Posting for further application instructions
  • If selected, you will be invited to interview on Wednesday, 10/29


1. Visit the UAA Career Services job database, College Central Network (www.collegecentral.com/uaa-alaska) and log in to your account
2. View the job descriptions by clicking on "Search for Jobs/Opportunities Posted to My School"
3. Input the correct Job ID (above) for the position that you're interested in applying for an interview
4. Review the position description and tailor your resume accordingly before you submit it to ConocoPhillips website.
5. Submit to CCN Job Posting with your tailored resume.
6. In the "OTHER JOB REQUIREMENTS" section, follow the process on how to apply through the ConocoPhillips website. There should be a URL to the ConocoPhillips website where you are to submit your application.

After ConocoPhillips has selected the candidates for an interview, you will be contacted by the UAA Career Services Center to schedule an interview.


If you list UAA faculty or staff as a reference on any of your ConocoPhillips application documents, you must submit a FERPA form in order for professors to be able to discuss your knowledge, skills, and abilities with ConocoPhillips hiring personnel. Federal law as outlined by the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits University employees from sharing any of your information with individuals or parties that do not have a legitimate educational right to know, or whom do not have your permission. You are by no means required to submit these forms. However, if you would like for your professors to have this right, please fill out the FERPA form found on the College of Business and Public Policy website. One FERPA form must be submitted for each professor to whom you would like to give permission to speak to ConocoPhillips about your classroom performance. Completed and signed FERPA forms must be submitted to the UAA Career Services Center by 5:00 pm (AKST) on Monday, October 27th. 

Check this website often for updates on the 2014 ConocoPhillips On-Campus Recruiting process. For additional questions, feel free to contact the UAA Career Services Center at (907)786-4513 or email uaa_career@uaa.alaska.edu.