On-Campus Recruiting Information and Request Form

Working with UAA Career Services, there are a number of ways that you and your company may recruit students for your open positions, including:

Career Fairs: Set up a booth displaying your company, and let the students know who you are and what sort of opportunities they have within your company! Participating in this on-campus recruiting activity is a highly beneficial means of recruiting. 
View the Career Fairs webpage for additional information.

Presentations: Participating in class presentations is a great way to visit with students in a more private setting. Give them an overview of the company. Highlight any open positions. Make face-to-face contact with potential hires. Presentations are available during the fall and spring semesters only.

Interviewing: The Career Services Center offers you the opportunity to conduct on campus interviews for your open positions in our interview rooms. Our interview rooms are available year-round. Simply call the Career Services Center to schedule on-campus interviews and use our interview rooms!

Booths and Information Sessions: The Career Services Center coordinates multiple employer information booths and sessions each academic year. If you are interested in getting some great campus visibility and speaking with multiple students, then a booth is the way to go! Career Services sets the booth up in the lobby of a busy building. We can provide tables and chairs, you just need to provide information about your company and different employment opportunities! After your booth, schedule an information session in a classroom, where you can expand on those opportunities and speak more privately about your company to interested students! As of spring 2013, UAA has begun charging for outside companies to reserve table or classroom space. 

Posting Job Flyers: If you have a flyer advertising a certain job opening for UAA students, we can post that flyer on our Career Services bulletin boards around campus! This a great way to advertise, just make sure the position title, company, contact information for applicants, a brief description of the job duties, and an application deadline are all on the one-page, 8.5" x 11" flyer. Email the flyer to us at uaa_career@uaa.alaska.edu or drop it by our offices and we will print and post it on our bulletin boards.


Please complete and submit the following form to being the on-campus recruiting process. As a professional courtesy, request event date no fewer than 14 business days in advance to allow for an appropriate amount of coordination and advertising time. Approved date and time of event is based on space availability. 
Enter the name of the contact person coordinating this event.

Enter the phone number of the person coordinating this event.

Enter the email of the person coordinating this event.

Enter the name of the company/agency that the person coordinating this event belongs to.

Please indicate how long you would like this event to last.


Tips for Effective On-Campus Recruiting

Employer at Engineering Fair

1. Coordinate with Career Services at least one month before your arrival on campus.

2. Be creative with your informational booth at Career Fairs or otherwise. Bring promotional items, candy, and interesting displays.

3. Have energetic recruiters representing your table.

4. Provide handout information about your company.

5. Post the open positions that you are recruiting for on the Career Services Online Job Database.

6. Ask how you can advertise your company on the Career Services Center bulletin boards around campus. Career Services is happy to post your flyer around campus about your company and the job openings that you are looking to hire for.

We are happy to help coordinate your on-campus recruiting or answer any additional questions you may have. Please contact Career Services directly for more information at (907) 786-4513 or uaa_career@uaa.alaska.edu