Career Fairs

Faculty and Staff, the Career Services Center coordinates several career fairs each school year, which present great opportunities for students to network, learn about various companies, meet employers, and to apply for job positions and internships. Please announce career fairs during your classes. If you would like Career Services to provide more information to you about specifically what companies are registered for certain career fairs or to come to your classroom to present a short bit about an upcoming career fair and to hand out flyers, just email us at Mark your calendars for these upcoming career fairs:

2014 City-Wide Career Fair
Thursday, February 13 from 9 am - 3 pm in the UAA Student Union

2014 Seasonal & Part-Time Career Fair
Thursday, March 27 from 10 am - 2 pm in the UAA Student Union


Please Share the Following Information

Picture of 2008 City-Wide Career Fair employers and job seekers

All UAA students and alumni, as well as community members are welcome to attend any career fair, which are all free of charge for job seekers and interested persons to attend! Even if a student is not graduating soon, they may find employment to assist them in paying school bills or to meet other financial needs. Students may also find or develop an internship as a result of attending a career fair. If job seekers are graduating soon, they may find a position with a company to launch their career. Or maybe, interested persons just want to wander through and see what it is all about. Whatever the reason, all people are encouraged to attend!

Job Seeker Preparation

1. Bring copies of your resume to give to the employers that you are interested in working with.

2. Dress appropriately. First impressions are very important in the employment seeking process. Employers are looking for kept, clean, neat, and professional appearances.

3. Think about some general questions that you could ask employers.

4. Do research on the companies that will be attending the career fair. The Career Services is able to provide a list of registered employers.

5. A smile with a firm and confident handshake is a must.



Image of potential employee



What does "appropriate dress" mean?
(See the pictures to the left and above.)

Slacks or Khakis
Sport Jacket
Button-up, Collar Shirt
Appropriate Shoes
Mild Cologne or Aftershave
Groomed Hair and Face

Slacks, skirt, or dress
Button-up, collar shirt
Dressy and modest blouse
Belt and hose
Appropriate shoes
Simple jewelry
Easy on the perfume
Groomed hair and face