Teaching Abroad

Teaching abroad is a great way to develop your teaching skills with students of all ages (predominately K-12), learn about different cultures, learn, or deepen your knowledge of, another language and experience life in a different environment. The most important thing to remember is that teaching abroad is teaching. The pay varies, and your experience will vary greatly from country to country, so you must enjoy the idea of teaching to overcome some of these obstacles. Be prepared to make a major adjustment in terms of your standard of living. But if you enjoy the work and the people, and able to establish a good teaching relationship, teaching abroad can be unforgettable.

Gain experience while still a student. Offer to work with international students who need assistance with their English skills or consider tutoring for the Languages Department or volunteer tutoring to local immigrants. You can also take a literacy training course and ask to be assigned to someone who is learning English as a second language.

Teaching Abroad Search

In general, there are three ways to search for a teaching position while still in the United States: directly applying through the internet or classified ads in such publications as The Chronicle of Higher Learning; using an agency; or writing to the schools directly.

Your resume should follow the standard guidelines for any good resume: neat, well-organized, perfect spelling, etc. See the CSC Guide to Resume Writing for standard formats or schedule a resume assistance appointment with a Career Services counselor. Be sure to indicate on your job objective that you desire a teaching abroad position. If you want to specify a particular country or continent, you can, but only do so if you are unwilling to work elsewhere. Enclose a cover letter with every resume you send. If you have strong foreign language skills you may want to translate your resume into another language.

Begin the process as soon as possible. It is important to begin early, during your junior year if possible, as many of the formal programs have early deadlines, so review their websites for details.

Teaching Abroad Opportunities & Resources

As with any other opportunity, always research the program thoroughly to avoid scams or misrepresentation. Here are some teach abroad programs and sites that list opportunities, however, it is not a comprehensive list. These programs span the globe and most have a formal applications process, so review the requirements accordingly.

View a list of Teaching Abroad companies & websites!

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