Student & Alumni Success Stories after Using CSC Resources and Services!

Success Story #1

I was skeptical about going to Career Services because I believed it was more useful for recent graduates, and I considered myself knowledgeable enough to prepare my resume and cover letter. A classmate who just graduated from the MBA program told me how Career Services helped her prepare for a successful job interview which landed her an awesome job, and she strongly recommended I check it out. 

I made an appointment with Danica Manaois (Career Services Workforce and Career Development Coordinator) and sent her my resume and cover letter. I couldn't be happier that I made that decision because Danica helped me see the weak areas on my resume and cover letter, and gave me valuable advice on how to write a great resume and cover letter for each specific job I was applying for. 

After the first session, we continued communicating via email, and I really like how she used the tracker feature in MS Word to guide me to the areas needing revisions. I emailed her several revisions and always received a quick response. I'm also glad I chose to do the mock interview because it helped me gain more confidence, and watching the video helped me be more self-aware of my body language.

I ended up applying for only one job, my number ONE choice, and I got it!

I would definitely recommend anyone to go to UAA Career Services Center whether you are a recent graduate or an alumni of 8 years (like me) because they have all the tools to get you prepared for a successful interview.


Success Story #2

Thank you SO much for your help with my interview skills. I came into your office terrified of interviews, and after just a couple of meetings, I walked out a confident and prepared candidate-- and I got the job! I could not have done it without your help. You have an incredible way of providing constructive criticism. You never once made me feel incompetent, and you were very clear in the areas that I needed to work on without making me feel bad about myself. I really appreciate your approach. I felt empowered, even after our first meeting. After the second and third I felt I really had a handle on what I needed to do, but more importantly, I felt confident in my ability to successfully deliver my responses. 

I feel like you really went above and beyond to make sure I left your office knowing I would succeed. You reworked your schedule twice to accommodate me before my interview, and you even brought in other staff members to help give me the feeling of a panel interview. While I really did not want to watch the recording of myself, you played it anyway! I am glad you did, because it gave me the opportunity to see that I did not look or sound as ridiculous as I felt when I was answering. Lastly, you gave me an awesome pep talk! I really, really appreciate your kind words. I actually repeated them to myself as I was waiting to be called back for the interview. 

When I was waiting for you on the first day that we met, I was so nervous I honestly thought I might be sick. And that was just a mock interview! I was actually tempted to cancel the whole thing because I associate interviews with a very uncomfortable situation, and I simply did not want to do it. I pushed through my fears, and I am so glad I did. By the time you were finished with me, and I was sitting waiting to be called for me real interview, the only sign of nervousness I had was a little sweaty palms. That is a long way from wanting to throw up! I know I would not have been able to get through that interview without your help. Thank you so, so very much! 

I have urged one of my classmates to come see you. I know she is really nervous about her resume and her interview skills. I know you can help :)

I am so, so grateful to you for all of your help. If I can help spread the word about the awesome work that you guys do, let me know! 

Thank you, again. You are AWESOME!

C. Hostetler, RN
2012 Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Science

Success Story #3

Ms. Elder:
I appreciate your professionalism and all of your help! I cannot express it enough! Your sincerity and promptness in helping me today were outstanding!
Thanks again for everything!!