Diane King, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor
Office: NSB 216
Phone: 786-1638


Dr. Diane King received her Ph.D. in Health and Behavioral Science from the University of Colorado Denver in 2006. Dr. King began her research career in 1999, at AMC Cancer Research Center, working as a project manager on several large clinical trials that tested the use of technology to support self-management of type 2 diabetes. Before joining the Center for Behavioral Health Research and Services in June 2011, Dr. King was a staff researcher at the Institute for Health Research, Kaiser Permanente Colorado. Her primary research interests include prevention and self-management of obesity and chronic disease through promotion of healthy eating, healthy communities, and active living. Her dissertation was funded by Active Living Research (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) and explored the effects of neighborhood designs on older adult physical activity and loneliness. Current projects include an RCT to test the effectiveness of a computer assisted diabetes self-management program; and a community-based participatory study to evaluate the impact of a newly built urban garden and park on the health of residents living in adjacent refugee housing. Dr. King’s research emphasizes practical “real world” interventions that have the potential for widespread dissemination and implementation at the individual, environment and policy levels.