CBPP Economic Experiments

Gender- and Frame-specific Audience Effects in Dictator Games

The College of Business and Public Policy Department of Economics studied dictator allocations using a 2x2 experimental design that varies the level of anonymity and the choice set, allowing observation of audience effects in both give and take frames. Changes in the distribution of responses across treatment cells allow them to distinguish among alternative motives as elaborated in recent theory.

Cristina Gaina

Cristina Gaina, Class of 2013, M.S. Project Management

Cristina came to UAA after her cousin, Dorin Parasca, a College of Business and Public Policy alumnus as well, recommended she consider the value of a U.S. education. In Anchorage, she received support and encouragement from her host family, Jo and Peter Michalski, and she says she is also very grateful for the support and guidance from CBPP, University Honors College and the project management department.

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CBPP Student Advising Center Receives Recognition

"Our Student Advising Center has received the ‘Students’ Choice Award’ as the highest performing advising group on campus as determined by the ‘UAA Student Perceptions of their Academic Advising Experience survey" - Excerpt from Dean Prasad's message...

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