Professor John Nofsinger

Socially Responsible Funds and Market Crises

Socially responsible investing (SRI) has seen tremendous growth in the past couple of decades. SRI is about making investments that are consistent with one’s value system. The main three areas of interest are in environment, social, and governance concerns. However, research has shown that SRI investing does not lead to higher returns than traditional investing. In fact, returns tend to be slightly lower. This paper explores the idea that part of the popularity comes from the distribution of returns.

Image of Award Winning Team

UAA MBA Students Win Global Business Competition

A team of three graduate students -- Marvin Anunciacion, Jason Smith and Danny Reeves -- competing against 607 other college teams placed first in The Capstone Business Competition. Their virtual sensor manufacturing company registered the highest  profits, cumulative profits and stock price after completing their eight round competition.

Dr. Angie Zheng and Dr. Yonggang Lu

Dr. Angie Zheng and Dr. Yonggang Lu Awarded 2015 Innovate Award

Congratulations go out to the College of Business and Public Policy's Dr. Angie Zheng (Economics and Public Policy Dept.) and Dr. Yonggang Lu (Information and Decision Sciences Dept.) who were awarded a 2015 Innovate Award for their proposal "Consumer Preference and Market Potentials for Alaska Salmon in China".

Image of Chantae Kochuten and Marva Watson

Meet the 2014-2015 Leadership Fellows Mentors and Protégés

The Leadership Fellows featured interview this week is with protégé Chantae Kochuten and her mentor Marva Watson.  Marva is UAA's Director of Diversity and Compliance, the Title IX coordinator, and the Director of National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) team at UAA.  Read the interview and to learn more about Marva and her leadership experience.

Lee Husky Award Graphic

The Lee Huskey Award

To honor Professor Huskey’s contributions to the university and his commitment to student success, we have created the Lee Huskey Award. Each spring, this award will honor a top economics student with $1,000.

Please consider making a contribution to this fund today

IREM Travel Scholarship Group Photograph

WPMRE Student Receives Travel Scholarship

Amanda Doughty, junior at UAA, was one of six students, nationally, to receive a travel scholarship from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®) Foundation. The scholarship, aimed at introducing students to career opportunities in property management and real estate, included airfare, lodging, registration, and per diem to attend the IREM® Fall Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL.

Image of Doctor Frank Jeffries

Dr. Frank Jeffries believes in giving back to CBPP.

Dr. Frank Jeffries has been part of the College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP) family since 1994.  The primary reason that he loves going to work every day is that he enjoys his colleagues and his students.  They are like a family.  And families, he says, help each other out…

Image of Doctor Frank Jeffries

Hometown U: Get the salary you want

Frank Jeffries teaches people how to negotiate. When interviewing for a job, buying a car, or even shopping for a dress at Nordstrom, most of the world sees the deal as a win-lose scenario, a seller’s market, a price tag set in stone. Not Jeffries, a professor of business administration at UAA’s College of Business and Public Policy. He sees a rainbow with a pot of gold at both ends…

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