Admission to Upper Division Status

BBA students in ACCT, ECON, FIN, GLSC, MARK, MGMT, and MIS may be admitted to upper division status upon completion of the major courses listed below with a C or higher; 9 credits in Fine Arts, Humanities, and/or Natural Sciences; and a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher.

Conditional Admission to Upper Division Status

BBA students can be classified as being conditionally admitted to upper division status for one semester only while completing lower division deficiencies.

Other Students

Other students who meet course prerequisites may take up to 15 upper division ACCT, BA, CIS, ECON, and LOG credits without being formally admitted to a BBA program. All students must apply for admission to a BBA program before accumulating more than 15 such credits. Please contact the Student Advising Center for assistance in applying for admission to upper division standing within the College of Business and Public Policy.


Before completing the application below, verify your course requirements and catalog year by logging into your secure account on UAOnline:; click on the Student Services & Account Information tab; click on the Degree Works link and follow the prompts. 

Confirm you have met the course prerequisite(s) before requesting upper division approval.  The most current prerequisites are located on UAOnline; click on the 5-digit CRN number when searching for classes. 


*Prior cat. yr. 2010-11
*CIS majors only cat. yr. 2010-11

NOTE: Students must meet ALL course prerequisites before registration restrictions will be removed.