Field Experiences

Non-clinical field experiences expose Fellows to systems change work, and help them become part of a larger network. Most of the following activities may be tailored to meet individual goals for LEND, while helping Fellows see real-world examples of the MCH competencies in action. Fellows identify additional activities to meet the hours requirements based on their ILTP goals. These activities are examples from the 2012–13 program, and may change year to year. Fellows are required to have at least 100 hours completed in the clinical and field experiences category by the end of the year.

Field Activities

  1. Coordination of Systems of Care
    Choose one of the following:
         a. Attend an ID/DD Waiver Training
         b. Attend an Advocacy Training
         c. Attend one local, statewide, or regional Title V committee and/or task force meeting regarding coordination and integration of community
            systems of care for children, youth and/or adults with ASD/DD and/or their families
  2. Policy and Advocacy
    Choose one of the following:
         a. Participate in Partners in Policymaking advocacy training meeting
         b. Attend the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority meeting
         c. Attend a Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education quarterly meeting
         d. Participate as a member of a subcommittee of the Governor’s Council
         e. Attend a Key Coalition planning activity (disability advocacy group)
  3. Community Board or Committee
    Choose one of the following:
         a. Serve on a community-based advisory board
         b. Serve on a LEND committee, e.g. curriculum, host family, advisory board
  4. Conduct Educational Session
    Conduct an educational session for ASD/DD in a community venue
  5. National LEND Opportunities
    Participate in national opportunities with other LEND Fellows