Trust Training Cooperative (TTC) is a statewide cooperative effort to address workforce training needs.

TTC promotes career development opportunities for direct service workers* and their supervisors engaged with Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority beneficiaries, by ensuring that technical assistance and training is accessible and coordinated by:

  • Goal 1 – Leading and partnering with training entities
  • Goal 2 – Brokering and facilitating non-academic training based on identified training gaps and provider need
  • Goal 3 – Utilizing tools that assist with training delivery

*Direct service worker is a position that requires a bachelor’s degree or less and works at least 75% directly with consumers.

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TTC Learning Management System (LMS)

The Trust Training Cooperative (TTC) LMS is a collaborative effort from the University of Alaska, the Mental Health Trust Authority, and Trust Beneficiary providers statewide. It is a web-based catalog of both face-to-face and distance training opportunities in the state of Alaska.

Components include:

  • An online catalog of available trainings and conferences
  • On-line registration
  • Web-based software tools designed for planning, delivering and managing learning events
  • Online, virtual classroom, and instructor-led courses

Visit the TTC LMS Web site

Contact TTC

Lisa L. Cauble, MSW
TTC Director
(907) 264-6276

UAA Center for Human Development
2702 Gambell St. Suite 103
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Ph: (907) 272-8270
1 (800) 243-2199
TTY: (907) 264-6206
Fax: (907) 274-4802

Alaska Rural Behavioral Health Training Academy (ARBHTA)

Our Mission

Working together to ensure an effective behavioral health workforce for rural Alaska.

Our Goal

We provide accessible continuing education that:

  • Is responsive to needs of providers and the individuals they serve
  • Utilizes evidence-based teaching methods
  • Ensures the tranfser of competencies
  • Fosters retention of the behavioral health workforce
  • Provides training that meets the continuing education requirements of regulatory entities for licensure and certification within Alaska
  • Provides training that equips providers to become culturally competent

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