This is a graduate-level instrumental analysis course for students in chemistry and allied fields, taught by Dr. John Kennish.

The course content includes techniques in operating new and specialized instruments for qualitative and quantitative analysis and analytical methods of an advanced nature.  In addition to meeting all the requirements for CHEM A434, graduate students will be required to develop an instrumental method, to submit a research paper summarizing their findings, including designs for future experiments on the subject and to give a seminar on the topic.

This course is offered during spring semesters only.

The prerequisite for this course is CHEM A212 with a minimum grade of C.  This prerequisite is strictly enforced.

Students who completed CHEM A434 as part of their undergraduate degree cannot receive credit towards their graduate degree from CHEM A634.

CHEM A634 has a laboratory component that does not require a separate registration.

To access the syllabus and other materials for this class, you must be registered and have access to Blackboard.