Standards, Knowledge & Insight Leading to Success (SKILS) Training Annotated Agenda

SKILS is a mandated three week core training that all new front line workers receive upon hire with the Office of Children's Services (OCS).  SKILS 181 focus is on orientation to OCS, the Practice Model, Intake and Initial Assessment.  Competency based training with specific emphasis on family engagement, interviewing, information collection, safety threats and risk factors, analysis and assessment is completed by the end of the week long SKILS 181.  SKILS 182, also one week long, focuses on Family Services practice delivery once a case is opened for ongoing services due to safety threats or high risk to a child within his/her own home.  Permanency goals, behavioral based case planning, conditions for return home of children in care and case closure are the focus.  Before workers have completed SKILS, they will also receive legal and ORCA training.  Then after the workers have been back in their offices for 4 months, Child Welfare Academy Staff will travel to the regional hubs to deliver SKILS 183, an advanced training in follow up to their initial training.  SKILS 183 will consist of review and discussion of assigned cases, separation, loss and grief, placement stability, concurrent planning, achieving permanency and working with resource families.

181 SKILS Annotated Agenda

182 SKILS Annotated Agenda

183 SKILS Annotated Agenda