Engineering Professional Development Seminar Series

The UAA School of Engineering welcomes all students and local engineers to a seminar series focused primarily on Civil Engineering topics. Each seminar qualifies for one hour of Professional Development.

Location: University Center Mall, Room 155C within the Engineering Science and Project Management Department.

Time: Tuesdays from 12:00pm - 1:00pm. Seminars will last one hour including Q&A.

Schedule: Download printable schedule (PDF)

Date Topic Presenter PDH eligible
9/5/14 Series Announced
9/16/14 Pressure Ridge Considerations in Offshore Design Dr. Andrew Metzger, UAA Yes
9/23/14 Water/Wastewater C. Rodriguez, GVJones Yes
10/7/14 Ice Processes on Susitna River J. Zufelt, HDR Yes
10/14/14 Stormwater Modeling CIRI Campus K. Meehleis, CRW Yes
10/28/14 GPR and Geophysics in Engineering Applications Dr. Jens Munk, UAA Yes
11/4/14 Oil Industries Assessment of Risk R. Fischer, aeSolutions Yes
11/11/14 Cold Regions Utilities  D.W. Smith, U Edmonton Yes
11/25/14 Water in Nunavut, CN G. Gagnon, Dalhousie Univ. Yes
12/2/14 Wood-Plastics Dr. Scott Hamel, UAA Yes
1/20/15 Riverine Hydrokinetics  Dr. Tom Ravens, UAA Yes
2/10/15 Geotechnical Engineering Dr. Joey Yang, UAA Yes
2/24/15 Chlorine Contactor Baffle Factor V. Wike, AK DEC Yes
3/17/15 Transportation Engineering Dr. Ghulam Bham, UAA Yes
4/14/15 Corrosion Engineering Dr. Matt Cullin, UAA Yes

Light refreshments will be provided from our sponsors HDR, CRW Engineering Group, and ConocoPhillips Alaska.

HDR Engineering CRW Engineering Group ConocoPhillips Alaska

For additional information please contact Aaron Dotson at