Spring 2014 Blackboard Upgrade Course Copy Tips


New instructions and tips for copying courses from Fall 2013 to Spring 2014.

Blackboard Tools that may be effected by upgrade:

  • Test Canvas & Test Deployment Tools
    • Additional test question creation options
    • New test deployment features
  • Video Everywhere (YouTube Integration)
  • Updated Content (Text) Editor
    • Better formatting Tools, more formatting options
    • Additional multimedia embed tools
  • Updated and functional Calendar tool

Tips for a Quick and Clean Course Copy for Spring 2014

  • Copy Tests from Test, Survey's & Pools area, but wait to deploy tests until upgrade is complete
  • If using videos wait to embed them using the new Video Everywhere tool
  • Add Deadline Dates to all assignments and tests to maximize updated Calendar tool
  • Add a Calendar Tool Link to your Left Navigation Bar
  • Be prepared to review and edit copied courses previous to making them available for spring
  • Review BB Upgrade Spring 2014 Course Building Tips

Basic Course Copy Instructions:

To copy a course from a previous semester or to an additional section during the same semester follow these instructions:

Open the course you want to copy into your new course shell

Go to Course Management > Select Packages and Utilities >Select Course Copy

Follow these instructions for a successful course copy:

1. Select Copy Type


2. Select Copy Options
> Here Browse the Destination Course ID by selecting the Browse... buttonDestID
If you have many courses in the system be careful to select the right one, the most current semesters are normally located at the end of the list.

Select Course Materials

Select Copy Options_v3
Tests, Rubrics, Banner, Wiki
> Here select the content areas to copy.

If you have customized your navigation select the buttons that you have created, and have content within them.

Copying Tests

For tests and quizzes to copy over properly, three areas need to be selected:

  • The TESTS content area
  • Grade Center Columns and Settings
  • Tests, Surveys and Pools
NOTE: If copying deployed tests, make time to review and edit due to upgraded software. The new TEST DEPLOYMENT tools are very different and tests may need to be re-deployed to function properly.

You might choose to not copy the TESTS content area and take time to deploy them using the new features.  

Copying Assignments and SafeAssignments 

For assignments to copy over properly, two areas need to be selected

  • Assignments content area
  • Grade Center Columns and Settings

Discussion Boards/Journals

If you copy discussion boards, all the student entries are copied over.  You can choose this method and then delete the student entries, or leave the discussion board unchecked and recreate the forums.

Banner Image
  • If you are planning on making a new banner for the course don't select Banner Image


  • Communications
  • Help
  • Instructor Help Pages
  • Course Evaluation
Formatting Note

Any customized content areas will copy to the bottom of the left nav area. To move them hover over the button and hold down your mouse button over the arrow, drag the button up to the order of your choice.




3. File Attachments


If any of your content areas are over large, use the copy course feature to copy the individual area to the new course.
You can also do this if the copy misses an area the first time through.

4. Enrollments

NEVER Copy enrollments from one semester to another. Leave this Blank.


5. Submit

A message indicating the copy has begun will show up at the top of the course.
You will receive an email when the copy is complete. Courses with large amounts of content may take time, be patient.Submit

Now Update Your New Course

In the new course shell:

  • Make sure edit mode is on. 

  • Arrange the  course menu in an order that makes sense for the students and matches the syllabus

  • Make updates to the content areas as needed

  • Syllabus

  • Add Assignment Due Dates

  • Deploy tests from Test, Surveys & Pools area using new Test Deployment Options

  • Deploy Test/Quiz Due Dates

  • Review and Edit Grade Center

When copying the grade center you will end up with multiple total columns. 

Go to your new course > Full Grade Center and use the MANAGE > Column Organization tool to reorganize the columns. You can delete unused total and test columns.



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