Science Labs and Distance Education

The "Distance Science Labs" eLearning workgroup is interested in sharing and collaborating within the University of Alaska System to discuss Best Practices in the Development and Deployment of Distance Science Labs.Our goals are to:"Investigate, discuss, and demonstrate the delivery of distance science labs to accommodate students who are unable to participate in a traditional face-to-face classroom."

Below you will find several links that review and discuss: 1) efficacy of distance science labs; 2) an E-labs presentation outlining various distance science courses offered within the University system; and 3) recorded discussions with the University Instruction Designers and Science Lab instructors on "Best Practices" for distance learning.

As distance instruction is an ever-changing world with evolving technology, a Wiki has been provided for all instructors to participate in the discussion and share ideas throughout the teaching disciplines. For an invitation to contribute to this wiki please send a request.
Recent Study from Colorado Community College Regarding the Efficacy of Distance Science Labs

A recent study from the Colorado Community College came to the conclusion that, "there were no statistically significant differences in students' science GPAs based on the community college instructional delivery method (online versus traditional). The study suggests that students who took online science courses at the community college level perform just as well in science classes at four-year institutions as students who took traditional on-campus science classes." The full content summary can be found using this link:

PWSCC Virtual Wet Lab

Prince William Sound Community College is using Second Life to give students access to a virtual wet lab. This advanced use of simulation technology in education is an example of a technological solution to the problem of the lack of access to lab materials for rural students.

For further information about UAA in Second Life:

UA Designers and eLearn WG discussions
In the fall of 2012, the instructional designers from University of Alaska and the science labs working group of the eLearning Working Group heard from professors who teach online classes with distance labs. Here are the recordings of the three meetings:

September meeting

October meeting

November meeting

eLabs presentation for ACDLIT

KPCs Physiology lab and hybrid chem labs.

eLabs presentation for ACDLIT tech fair

Click here for a list of references regarding distance labs.