VoiceThread for Blackboard

Instructors can now link and embed VoiceThread from within their Blackboard course shell. This creates a quick and easy way for students to access assignments using the VoiceThread tool.

Ways to use VoiceThread

  • Students Introduce Yourself
  • Discussion Boards using Graphics/Photos/Maps
  • Combined Course/Topic Discussions
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Lecture Presentations
  • The sky's the limit!

Tools & Tutorials



What's a VoiceThread?


Link & Embed Instructions

There are two ways to add VoiceThread to your course. You may choose "Course View" or "MyVoice" through the Build Content Menu in Blackboard. 


This is the view once VoiceThread is selected in the content area

VoiceThread Content Area View



Course View in VoiceThread

Course View in VoiceThread will link your students to a course group area in the VoiceThread website. Here, an instructor can share a pre-made VoiceThread to use as an assignment for students to participate in as a group. Students can participate in the VoiceThread using the comment tools, but do not have access to edit to add pictures or documents. In this feature students can create a new VoiceThread by clicking the MyVoice link and following the create instructions. If they wanted to share this with the course, they can use the sharing features to do so.

VoiceThread MyVoice

The MyVoice option will link students to their own VoiceThread account where they can select the course link and access instructor created and shared VoiceThreads, and/or create their own projects in VoiceThread and share them with the course to present to the class.

Share a VoiceThread with your Course

  • Once you have logged into your VoiceThread account, and linked your course use the create features to build a new VoiceThread. Follow the instructions to publish. Carefully read the publish and share options, VoiceThreads can be kept private, or published publicly based on these choices at time of publication.
  • To share a completed VoiceThread simply drag and drop the selected VoiceThread to the course folder and release.

Need additional help or training?

Workshops and individual consultation are available from The Faculty Technology Center