Club Travel Information

The University's procedures for travel require considerable advance planning.

Organizations wishing to travel must complete and submit the attached Student Travel Forms at least four (4) weeks prior for domestic travel and nine (9) weeks for international travel. The Student Clubs and Greek Life Office will not accept incomplete travel packets. No travel related purchases will be processed or reimbursed without a completed travel packet and finalized Travel Authorization Form.

Clubs and organizations may provide funding for registration fees, transportation, lodging, meals (excluding the number of meals included as part of the registration fees), taxi, and reasonable miscellaneous expenses deemed necessary by the student organization and in accordance with University purchasing procedures. Organizations must have funding available and reflected in their account for all requested expenses prior to submitting travel forms.

Student Travel Forms



1.    Complete the Travel Packet
       A completed Travel Packet will have these forms and be turned in at least four (4) weeks
       prior to domestic travel and nine (9) weeks prior for international travel.

       1.    Hold Harmless Agreement.
       2.    Travel Itinerary.
       3.    Additional Sources of Funding.
       4.    Proof of international student insurance (if travelling internationally.)
       5.    Documentation of estimated or actual cost. (For registration, lodging, airfare etc.)
       6.    Documentation of purpose of trip (conference information.)

2.    Retain All Receipts from Travel
       Turn in the receipts within ten (10) days of your return.  A travel expense form will be
       prepared for you to sign

How far in advance do I need to turn in my travel packet?

If you are traveling within the 50 United States, all paperwork must be submitted four (4) weeks before your departure.

If you are traveling internationally (including Canada, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam), all paperwork must be submitted nine (9) weeks before your departure.  Additionally, requests for international travel must be accompanied by a letter of support from a staff or faculty member at UAA.  For academically related travel, the letter should come from the Chair of the department or faculty member facilitating/supporting the trip.

How long does it take for travel to be authorized?

Student Travel Packets that are submitted within the necessary timeframe and include all required documentation will be processed within 2 business days. Final authorization for travel can take up to 2 weeks. Once authorization has been given your primary contact will be notified.

What if we have non-UAA travelers in our group?

If the non-UAA travelers are receiving funding from a recognized UAA organization, department, grant, or other source they must complete all portions of the Student Travel Packet. Non-UAA travelers receiving funds from a University source are accountable to all UAA travel policies and regulations. Recognized UAA sources providing funding to non-UAA travelers are responsible for the actions of the non-UAA traveler during the authorized travel.

How do I buy an airline ticket, book a hotel, or pay for my event registration?

Once the completed Student Travel Forms are submitted and approved, the Student Clubs and Greek Life Office can help you purchase these items. Any travel-related purchases made before your trip has been approved will not be reimbursed by the club or organization. Purchasing airline or other transportation tickets before gaining travel authorization is at your own risk. Many travel expenses must be facilitated by the Student Clubs and Greek Life Office in order to ensure payment and reimbursement. There are several options that will make your travel plans go smoothly.

How do I pay for meals, transportation between the airport, hotel, etc.?

A Travel Advance can be requested (minimum $100). If approved, the advance will be available approximately three days before the start of your travel and can be picked up at the University Center Cashiering Window (be sure to have a picture ID with you). If a group Travel Authorization Form has been submitted, the traveler will sign and receive their advance from the organization’s designated representative. Reimbursements may also be provided for these costs after the group has returned.

Are there any additional requirements for international travel?

Proof of international student insurance is required for international travel. Many options are available through Students are responsible for purchasing their own insurance. These costs cannot be paid by the university or organization.