Club Council

Club Council is the governing body for all student clubs at the University of Alaska Anchorage and is an official branch of USUAA. The purpose of Club Council is to register student clubs, assist clubs with events and activities, promote student interaction and involvement, and allocate funds to registered student clubs. Business of Club Council is conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order and in accordance with the USUAA Constitution.  All other information, policies, and operating procedures may be found in the Club Council Bylaws.

  • Club Council elects a Chair, Vice Chair, and Business Manager to help facilitate regular business and events. 
  • Registered student clubs are eligible to receive funding for events and activities from Club Council. To learn more about this funding opportunity or to request funding please see the Club Council Funding Request Form.
  • Further information about Club Council and other resources and services available to student clubs can be found in the Student Club Resource Manual.