Student Officer Orientation

Every President and Treasurer of registered student clubs are required to attend Student Officer Orientation at least once each academic year.  Failure to do so will result in the clubs inactivation. Although this training is required for Presidents and Treasurers, Advisors and club members are encouraged to review the material.

This training Prezi provides information on student club financial accounts, spending student club funds, making deposits, and many other important details and policies. It will also give students an overview of UAA Life, the student engagement website for students to explore and manage student involvement opportunities.

You can study the Student Officer Orientation Prezi on the bottom of the page. Once you have studied it, please drop by the Student Clubs and Greek Life office (SU 210) to take a short quiz. Once you pass the quiz, it will count as completing Officer Orientation.

You may also bring a laptop or use a computer in the office to go through the presentation and complete the quiz simultaneously. The quiz is not available online, and must be taken in our office. If you have any questions, please email

Please visit the Student Clubs & Greek Life office in Student Union 210 or call 907-786-1385 with any questions regarding your club’s financial records or for further financial information.


Student Officer Orientation