The Student Clubs and Greek Life office plans various programs throughout the year to help clubs/organizations advertising to the campus community and have an enjoyable program while doing so. Here are a few examples:

Student Involvement Fair

Student Involvement Fair is a resource fair that takes place at the beginning of every Fall and Spring semester. It is a great chance for students to find ways to become involved on campus, and for clubs, organizations and departments to advertise opportunities they have for students. 

Homecoming Shopping Cart Parade

During Homecoming, clubs, student organizations and departments come up with their best decoration and Seawolf spirit and participate in the annual Shopping Cart Parade. The parade is entering its 3rd year and is always a delightful and unique way to show off your organization. 

Haunted Halloween Fun Night

This program has been around for many years and is a safe alternative for trick or treating for Anchorage youth. Student club and organization members set up booths filled with neat activities for kids ages 2-12 to participate in.