Computer Information & Office Systems AAS

AAS Degree (60 credits)

This AAS Degree program prepares students for career entry or career advancement in a variety of office settings and also offers skill building for personal use. It provides students with the technical, administrative and human relations skills required of office professionals. Both the Office Foundations and the Office Support OECs articulate directly into this degree.

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Pass all CIOS courses with a C or higher.

  1. Complete the General University Requirements for Associate Degrees.
  2. Complete the Associate of Applied Science General Degree Requirements.
  3. Complete the 9-credit Office Foundations OEC.
  4. Complete the 13-credit Office Support OEC.
  5. Complete the following 15 credits:
    CIOS A102       Keyboarding Skill Building
    CIOS A230A     Word Processing II: MS Word
    CIOS A235A     Spreadsheets II: MS Excel
    CIOS A240A     Databases II: MS Access
    CIOS A262A     Professional Development
    CIOS A264A     Records Management
    CIOS A265       Office Management
  6. Complete 3 credits from the following:
    ACCT A101      Principles of Financial Accounting I
    ACCT A120      Bookkeeping for Business I
    ACCT A201      Principles of Financial Accounting
  7. Complete 3 credits from the following:
    CIOS A261A     Interpersonal Skills in Organizations
    PSY A153        Human Relations
  8. Complete 1-3 credits from the following:
    CIOS A276A     Independent Project
    CIOS A282       Office Internship
  9. Complete a minimum of 1 elective credit
  10. A total of 60 credits is required for this degree.