Students pursuing a CIOS AAS degree will need to complete an independent project or office internship in their final semester. Students are required to meet with their faculty coordinator prior to the semester for approval of their project or internship.

CIOS A276A: Independent Project     

This is a three-credit course with the following registration restrictions: 12 CIOS credits and instructor permission. This course focuses on developing, implementing, and completing a project based on a current business need or issue. Students will work closely with faculty to produce an end product and report.

CIOS A295: Office Internship     

This is a one- to three-credit course with the following registration restrictions: completion of CIOS A165, a minimum of 12 CIOS credits, and instructor permission. The grade mode for this course is pass/no pass. This course requires 45 hours of work experience for each credit. Students must coordinate an internship in a business office related to their educational program and occupational objectives. This course requires conferences with the faculty coordinator during the semester.