Departments | Degrees

The College of Education offers Academic Programs within the three following departments:

Educational Leadership (EDL)
The Department of Educational Leadership (EDL) offers graduate programs in Educational Leadership. Graduates of these programs demonstrate a commitment to inclusiveness, collaborative leadership, and equity as they provide leadership within school districts; demonstrate and encourage collaborative leadership in their daily interactions with learners and their families, communities, and co-workers; and model intellectual vitality in the workplace.

Counseling and Special Education (CASE)
The Department of Counseling and Special Education (CASE) offers a variety of programs for individuals interested in working as special educators, speech pathologists, and counselors. Graduates of these programs assume leadership roles in their local communities, districts, and the state; demonstrate a commitment to inclusiveness and equity in their interactions with children with diverse needs; serve as exemplars of a collaborative spirit as they interact with other educators, families and community agencies; and model intellectual vitality as they examine and implement research and best practices in their work settings.

Department of Teaching and Learning (DTL)
The Department of Teaching and Learning (DTL) offers a variety of programs for individuals interested in working as early childhood, elementary, and secondary educators. Graduates of these programs provide leadership in classrooms, childcare settings, districts, community agencies, and the state; recognize the importance of inclusiveness and equity and follow best practices as they relate to working with diverse peoples; understand that collaboration with families, community agencies and other educators is essential to the success of the children with whom they interact; and serve as models of intellectual vibrancy in their work settings.