Elementary Resources & Internship Handbook

Message from the Dean

The internship is an intensive commitment. Experiences in the Elementary Education program include course work, seminars, and individual support. Your program was designed through a process that involved a comprehensive effort with educators from around the State. The resulting teacher education program is research-based and reflective of state and national standards, as well as best educational practices. In fact, the program has been “nationally recognized” by the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI)/National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), thus substantiating its high quality. The College of Education’s partnerships with the UAA College of Arts and Sciences and school districts throughout Alaska are particularly critical to the instructional program. In addition to receiving an excellent preparation for your teaching career, as a teacher education program graduate you’ll meet all of the criteria for “highly qualified” as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act.

Heather Ryan
Dean, College of Education