College & Career Pathways is a student-centered framework that partners educators, businesses, and the community to provide a cohesive system of learning and mentoring support for students that includes career exploration and work-based experience. Connecting high school and college programs through non-duplicative academic or technical course work, College & Career Pathways prepares students for college enrollment or workforce entry.

Advancing the philosophy that college and career readiness is everyone’s business, the College & Career Pathways model connects students’ family, academic, and community supports. The model guides how adults interact with youth to work together effectively to promote learning and career development.

To strengthen and engage this network of community support, College & Career Pathways provides outreach to students and parents, professional development for educators, technical assistance to practitioners, support for business and industry partners, and research to support legislation and policy.


College & Career Pathways is administered by the UAA Community & Technical College