The CAS Advisory Board is a group of prominent citizens from various professions, who are concerned about the advancement of the arts, humanities, and sciences at UAA. The vital roles they serve include:


1) to advise the Dean on strategic matters, and promote and advance the college,


2) to serve as advocates for the college in the community, sharing the good work and accomplishments of Arts and Sciences faculty and students,


3) to advocate to the Governor and legislature on behalf of the budget needs for the College and help inform the legislature and the general public of the quality and relevance of the many programs within the College, and


4) to encourage corporate and private support of programs and activities throughout the College.


The Board membership has been instrumental in seeking legislative support for the delivery of general education courses, facilities, and operational funds. The CAS Advisory Board plays an important communication role with respect to coordinating various departmental boards and advisory bodies within UAA and UA.


Board Members

Susan Anderson, CIRI Foundation

Leo Bustad, Cardiologist

Tim Carroll, Saltwater, Inc.

Stig Colberg, CIRI

Charlotte Fox, Alaska State Council of the Arts

Rick Goodfellow, KLEF FM 98.1

Karen King, Nerland Agency

Natalie Lowman, ConocoPhillips

Jo Michalski, WIC

David Pritchard, Engineering Consultant

Stephen Trimble, URS Corporation

Eric Wohlforth, Wohlforth, Johnson, Brecht, Cartledge, and Brooking