Our Arts & Sciences newsletter is produced twice yearly, and is a collaborative effort by University Advancement and the College of Arts & Sciences. It celebrates the many accomplishments of our faculty, students, staff, and alumni and, as you’ll see in these pages, we have much to celebrate!


Summer2013 Spring 2013
  • Two new learning centers further connect CAS to the community
  • Alaska Native Studies leads discussion on saving Alaska Native Languages
  • Confucius Institute grows Chinese culture opportunities at UAA
CAS Newsletter - Fall 2012 Fall 2012
  • What goes around comes around
  • Undergraduates flock to UAA for summer research experience
  • Copper exploration using isotopes in surface water
Spring 2012 Spring 2012
  • New Atwood Chair of Journalism
  • Two for one in Alaska Native Studies & Music
  • Music professor travels to China for Concert tour
Fall 2011 Newsletter Fall 2011
  • Biological Sciences gets new director
  • Geology Department gets renovated digs
  • Funded research under way at the Center for Behavioral Health Research & Services
Spring 2011 Newsletter Spring 2011
  • Seawolf Debate team rocks 2011 World Championships
  • NASA funds ENRI climate change project
  • CAS students help propel UAA to Fulbright top producer
Fall 2010 Newsletter Fall 2010
  • Dr. Claudia Lampman's research featured in 'the Chronicle'
  • Studying "lived" religion
  • Geology students explore the Grand Canyon
Summer 2010 Newsletter Summer 2010
  • Biology professor grows a research team
  • Art students donate time and talents for Empty Bowl Project
  • CAS alum Katherine Barger rises like a phoenix
Fall 2009 Newsletter Fall 2009
  • NPR's Elizabeth Arnold joins CAS faculty
  • Alaska wilderness enhances creative writing
  • New music program unique to this continent
Spring 2009 Newsletter Spring 2009
  • UAA Confucius Institute opens its doors
  • Prestigious grants, important work help to create CBHRS
  • CAS alumni success stories