The Engineering Building provides over 40,000 square feet of classrooms, laboratories, and faculty offices dedicated to instruction and research.  

The University Lake Building Annex includes an open computer lab and additional space for research studies.

The Prototyping Center is staffed with a highly experienced machinist and lab technicians to fabricate designs and provide 3D printing and scanning for students, faculty, and local industry partners.  

The Design Studio offers high bay work space and equipment for construction of student design projects and other research efforts.

The college operates a wide variety of specialized laboratories designed to support both educational and research purposes. 

Construction of the Engineering and Industry Building is underway with a target opening date of Fall 2015. The new building will provide an additional 81,500 square feet of enhanced classroom and laboratory space to support our expanding engineering program and the next generation of Alaskan engineers.



Please submit an online Work Request Form to request support from the College of Engineering Facilities Department (including IT support), report a problem, reserve a room, or request an update to the website.

For additional requests, submit one of the following forms to Kim Riggs:

Building Key Request Form

Lab Code Access Request Form

Prototyping Center Work Request Form

Space Request Form


The following computer labs are available for use by all Engineering students, staff, and faculty.  Click here for Fall 2014 Open Lab Schedule.

Engineering Atrium (ENGR 120)

Engineering Lab 1 (ENGR 218)

Engineering Lab 2 (ENGR 228)

University Lake Annex (ULA 130)

Computer Science Lab (NSB 204)


Facilities Manager - Kim Riggs
Office: ENGR 113, 786-5476
Cell: 907-229-8943
Email:  kariggs@uaa.alaska.edu

Computers and Software Manager - Tim Berry
Office: ENGR 112

Machinist - Corbin Rowe
Office: University Lake Annex 123, 786-1771
Email: dcrowe3@alaska.edu

Administrative Assistant - Dana Collins
Office: NSB 223, 786-5475
Email: dacollins@uaa.alaska.edu