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Nicholas William Hazelton

Associate Professor
Office: ENGR 330B
Phone: 907-786-1920


B.Surv. (Melb), Ph.D. (Melb), LS (Vic, Australia).

Ph.D. from Dept. of Surveying and Land Information, Faculty of Engineering, The

University of Melbourne. Title: “Integrating Time, Dynamic Modelling and

Geographical Information Systems: Development of Four-Dimensional GIS.”

Research Interests

Spatial Information Systems in general, 3-D and temporal GIS & applications;

computer systems for LIS/GIS and general geomatics use; linking GIS and various

types of models; GIS data structures, design and development; GIS and spatial

information error and uncertainty analysis; remote sensing and image analysis;

GIS & business applications; GIS marketing & industry; GIS & decision-making.

Cadastral surveys; topographic, geodetic, control, deformation, construction and

photo-control surveys; geodetic science; photogrammetry (digital, analytical and

analogue); electronic surveying systems; general surveying; survey adjustments

and computations; computing and programming; high-performance computing for

geomatics; thinking, presentation, professional, management and organizational

skills teaching; education program development and management.