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Andrew T. Metzger

Assistant Professor
Office: TBA
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 Andrew Metzger is an assistant professor in the civil engineering department at UAA.  His area of study is structures.  He has taught courses in Tiber and Reinforced Concrete Design.  He has also taught graduate courses in Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering.  His research program specializes in in-situ monitoring of structures and development of probability-based engineering design criteria for structures.  He has also been engaged in policy development related to arctic marine transportation infrastructure.  He is a licensed civil engineer in the states of Alaska, Ohio, and Washington state and has eight years of experience as a consulting engineering.  Dr. Metzger has been in Academe for the past six years.


Ph.D., Civil Engineering - Structures, Case Western University, May 2007 

M.S., Civil Engineering, Ohio University, November 1995

B.S., Civil Engineering, Ohio University, June 1994

Career History

August 2013 to Present: Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department, School of Engineering, University of Alaska Anchorage

August 2007 to August 2013: Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering and Mines, University of Alaska Fairbanks

March 2003 to December 2003 (and March 1999 to February 2001): Project Manager/Engineer Diver, RVE, Inc., Corpus Christi, Texas

April 2001 to March 2002 (and February 1996 to March 1999): Project Engineer, Thorson Baker & Associates, Inc., Richfield, Ohio

June 1994 to November 1995: Research Associate, Ohio University Center for Geotechnical and Environmental Research, Athens, Ohio


Teaching Responsibilities

  • ES A331 Mechanics of Materials
  • CE A334 Properties of Materials

Research Interests

  • Civil Engineering Structures
  • Marine Civil Structures and Infrastructure
  • Instrumentation and Monitoring of Structures
  • Developing Probability-based Design Criteria
  • Policy Support for Development of Arctic Transportation Infrastructure 


Journal Articles

In Print:
  1. Metzger, A.T., Huckelbridge, A., (2009), "Temporal Nature of Fatigue Damage in Highway Bridges." ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering.  ASCE, Reston, VA.
  2. Huckelbridge, A., Metzger, A.T. (2009).  "Investigation of the Dayton IR 75 Sign Truss Failure of September 11, 2006."  ASCE Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, ASCE, Reston, VA.
In Review:
  1. Metzger, A.T., Hutchinson, J., Kwiatkowski, J. (2012).  "Measurement of Vessel Berthing Parameters."  Submitted to Marine Structures.
  2. Kwiatkowski, J. Metzger, A.T. (2013).  "Statistical Samples of Vessel Berthing Demands at a Washington State Ferry Terminal."  Submitted to Marine Structures.
In Development:
  1. Kwiatkowski, J. Metzger, A.T. (2013). "Determination of probability-based vessel berthing parameters: Seattle Ferry Terminal."  Will be submitted to Marine Structures.
  2. Hutchinson, J., Metzger, A.T. (2013).  "Determination of probability-based vessel berthing parameters: Auke Bay Ferry Terminal."  Will be submitted to Marine Structures.
  3. Quan, Z., Metzger, A.T. (2013).  "Analysis of Vessel Berthing Demands: quasi-static vs. Dynamic Approach."  Will be submitted to Marine Structures.
Magazine Articles

In Press:
  1. Metzger, A., (March-April 2013).  Partnering Fulfills Research Needs of an Underrepresented Highway System.  TR News.
Conference Proceedings

  1. Metzger, A.T., Hutchinson, J. (2011). "Measurement of Structure Response to Ferry Berthing Loads."  Coastal Engineering Practice.  Sponsored by Coasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers.  August 21-24, 2011. San Diego, CA.
  2. Metzger, A.T. (2011).  "Challenges for Marine Civil Infrastructure in the Arctic."  4th Symposium on the Impacts of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic on Naval and Maritime Operations.  June 20-22, 2011.  Washington, D.C.
  3. Metzger, A.T.(2009). "Applying Responsible Engineering Practices to Arctic Marine Infrastructure."  Lessons from Continuity and Change in the Fourth International Polar Year, Symposium.  March 4-7.  University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK.
  4. Metzger, A.T., Huckelbridge, A. (2006).  "Predicting Residual Fatigue Life from Short Duration Field Observations."  First International Conference on Fatigue and Fracture in Infrastructure.  Philadelphia, PA.  Sponsored by Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.
Other Publications
  1. Metzger, A.T. (2011).  Testimony.  United States Senate, Hearing on: "Defending US Economic Interests in the Changing Arctic: Do We Have a Strategy?"  Senate Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries and the Coast Guard.  July 27, 2011.  Washington, D.C.
  2. Metzger, A.T. (2009).  Projected Mission-risk Based Work Priorities for Navy Owned Waterfront Structures, Bridges and Water Tanks.  Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, East Coast Detachment.  Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. (report)
  3. Metzger, A.T. (2008).  TR-6072-OCN: Mission-risk Based Work Prioritization for Navy-owned Bridges, Water Tanks, and Waterfront Structures.  Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, East Coast Detachment.  Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. (report)